Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mixer proposal

What is the Ultimate girls dream item? You may think I am talking about Manolo Blahniks or a Designer purse (Okay I admit, I have been watching a good bit of Sex and The City reruns on TBS….VERY FUNNY!), but I am not. I am thinking of the ultimate kitchen accessory…THE KITCHENAID MIXER….color doesn’t matter!!!

Here is the problem, most of the time you have to get married to get one. I am not married, but want one so desperately. I am not in a hurry to get married either…yes I love my boyfriend, and yes I know that he is the one, but still not one of the girls that is begging to be a Mrs. But, and it’s a big but, I think I proposed to my boyfriend today.

Here are the words that I used in the proposal……” Can we get married so I can get a mixer?” His answer was no, not sure if he just doesn’t want to marry me one day, or just doesn’t like the idea that I want to get married soon so I can receive a mixer as a wedding present. I hope it’s the latter of the two, because that means that there is still a mixer in my future!

Seriously girls we have to have our priorities!! I know the day I get a ring, I won’t be calling everyone and posting it on facebook….I will be running down to the nearest target and starting my registry….it will be short….

KitchenAid Mixer
Color: surprise me
Quantity: 1
Price: to the bride worth everyone of your pennies!! (I will even send you the very first cake made with it)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting to Vegas- written somewhere over the Rockies

Let’s see…I could start with waking up, but that was the easy part. Getting ready and getting everything in the suit case and prepared for my Las Vegas flight leaving at 11:20 AM was easy. Smooth sailing! My jeep had been in the garage exactly a week, I decided that I would drive it to the airport instead of my Dad’s truck, it needed a rest. It was a good thing, it was raining and I could load the car in the garage and then to a switcheroo! Here is the steps for changing cars in the garage Step 1. Okay Car is loaded! I even have my dog in there, ready to be dropped off at my friends house. Step 2. Open garage and go move the truck to the road. Step 3. Move the jeep out of the garage and to the road (the jeep hesitated when starting..put no problems…it’s good to go) Step 4. Move the truck into the garage Step 5. Turn on alarm and close the garage door Step 6. Get into jeep and go Wait I am still sitting here!!! My car won’t start at all! Here is a little Jeep humor that I didn’t know about until today, and I swear my eyes were playing tricks on me..My odometer actually changed from numbers to the word DONE! I KID YOU NOT!!!!! Okay, don’t freak…it’s only 9 AM, flight’s not for another 2 hours and 20 minutes. So I calmly… Step 7. Open the garage door, get into the truck and drive to Advanced Auto Parts…cause guess what, I don’t own jumper cables Step 8. But jumper cables and head back Step 9. Jump start car Step 10. Move all baggage from jeep into truck Step 11. Move Jeep back into the garage (don’t want to be stuck at the airport parking lot with a dead battery) Step 12. Get into the truck and go So If I would have left the jeep in the garage to begin with, I wouldn’t have had all these issues!! I drop my dog off at Jon and Claudia’s and jump on the interstate heading to the airport. I have exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes until my plane leaves, and I have carry on , no problem, since it only takes 20 minutes to get to the airport. Plenty of time to get a Starbucks soy latte at the airport. Well, I happen to miss my exit. I didn’t realize that on the new bypass several exits, exit from ONE spot off the bypass…so as I continue going, I see my exit pass before my eyes. Well the next exit to turn around is 5 miles around. So I am trying to call several friends to see if they can check me in online. Well the Verizon and Blackberry combination that I am holding in my hand isn’t working properly (they are sending me a new one, which will arrive tomorrow, because the new one they just sent me last week…is a big ole POS) So while my best friend is calling me back, I try to answer it, but the screen keeps having an hour glass turn flips and thinks while I try to answer it. So I have a moment…I let out the loudest scream I do believe may have ever come out of my body…I am talking from my toenails, past my stomach, through my lungs and out my mouth….after that happens, a GD comes out of my mouth and decibels loud enough to shatter glass. Oh yeah, but despite my screen saying I haven’t answered my phone, my friend is on the other line!! Oh yeah, she heard my breakdown. Which then proceeded to get me laughing to the point of tears. At this point I am now at the airport…okay, less than 40 minutes until flight takes off. So I pull into the lane that I has BIG GREEN LETTERS SAYING ENTER, I go to grab the ticket that usually automatically dispenses, to find the words out of order!! Seriously you can’t put something in front of this lane to keep people from going in there and then having to wait from someone to let me back up and aim for a lane that does work. Okay, I have me ticket now and go to park. Seriously have breathing problems, stress related lack of oxygen. I keep looking at the time 3 times during every minute as I wait for the bus to take me to the terminal. Okay, bus arrives, get on the bus, and now phone must be shut off. So now I am going into the shit blind on time! I run, I mean haul booty, knock old ladies out of the way to get to the self check in kiosk. Whew!! It lets me print my boarding pass! Now security! Well the line is out the rear and moving slower than my bowels after eating a whole wheel of cheese! So I pull out my old Platinum status card…if they actually look it expired in 2007! Well it got me to the very front of security, but they shut off a line to 2 security lines, now there are 100 people trying to herd through one security line. Well the two people behind me duck under the ropes and go with the folks in line for the two lanes. So they did it, I am doing it to…desperate times call for bending (I would say breaking rules, but really just bending…I bent at the hip and swung my body under the ropes). Okay, free and clear…now it’s time to run. I really thought I was auditioning for the 3rd installment of Home Alone (is there a 3rd, well if not…I would totally play the party of running through the airport well…I mean I did this in heels). Of course I get behind every slow people, I bumped into a few and screamed sorry as I kept running… I really am sorry, please send me your address and I will send you an apology card! YES!!! They are still boarding! There are a group of older black women holding the line up, what part of get in your seat, and when your friend that is 10 people behind you gets there get back up and let her in….DON’T JUST STAND THERE AND EXPECT HER TO MAGICALLY MANEUVER PAST 10 PEOPLE AND THEIR BAGS SO YOU CAN SIT!! Finally to my seat. 32F (window- thank GOD). There is a french, non English speaking dude in my seat. He is suppose to be in the middle seat, no thank you, you are going to have to get up. Well, he moves over, and the Vietnamese woman sitting in the aisle seats stays where she is. Don’t you know that you are suppose to remove yourself from your seat and let the person in the window in. NO! I literally stick my girls and bag in her face, then the French, non English speaking guy in the middle seats face as well. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! That was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done. Who wants to get intimate with the people on the plane you don’t know. Well I am pretty sure they know my chest measurements now, because they got an up close view! Okay, well I am starving, because I didn’t have time to grab Starbucks soy latte that I so desperately need!!! I mean I am going on no caffeine this morning… NONE! And it’s over a 4 hour flight. Okay, on the plane, I will buy the ridiculously expensive on flight food. So, they finally get all the way back to 32F, and guess what…NO FOOD IS LEFT! I do manage to get a coke. I am like do you realize that we left at 11:20 AM Charlotte time and when we land it will be 5 PM Charlotte time. You are going to have a VERY VERY GRUMPY red head on your hands…just ask my boyfriend, when I don’t eat for a while, I get grumpy…why do you think he orders pizza on Football nights….entice me with food so I will shut up and let him watch football without me hassling him. Well I am now typing out all my anger on the flight right now, trying to pass the next two hours without thinking about the copious amounts of food I want to eat. But Guess what……… LAS VEGAS HAS SOME SERIOUS EATING BUFFETS! So after I feed my slowly disappearing body thanks to US Airways, I will drink this day away!!! So Dead Battery, Stupid Exit, Parking Lot, Security Lane, and folks that got up close and personal with my business….YOU WILL BE DEAD TO ME SHORTLY, of course I will have to thank Grey Goose, Crown, and anything else I can get my hands on for that!! Ooooo….the Rockies….okay. Peace Out. See ya in Vegas!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tales of an Elmer Fudd Hunting trip

Well times have changed since Elmer Fudd days. We have text messaging. My sister is incapable of going 30 minutes at a time without sending a text. Rachel- “Seen anything” Rachel-“Did you turn off the coffeepot” Rachel-“We hear you”- Talking about a Semi on I-75 that really honked his horn like this for the whole time we were in ear shot. – BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. That is the exact pattern of his horn blowing. If the deer didn’t run away on that, then they ran away hearing my cell phone vibrate.
Two doe had come into my eye sight, I would have shot, but still at a bad angle, and a lot of moving would have sent them fleeing for their lives. So I slowly moved, and turned, and they would turn away and I would move some more. Well their little heads popped up and looked directly at me when my phone started vibrating! Yes, I am aware that it should have been on silent, but I won’t get pertinent information like “GAME WARDEN…RUN” until too late if on silent! I mean I am hunting illegally, I have a NC driver’s license and hunting in GA. So as you can tell, that ended with no deer on the ground!
As time passed, I got restless, maybe I should drink coffee at 5:30 in the morning before a hunting trip. It just makes me not want to keep my ass in the seat. Also, not to mention I was freezing. Since I am short and my legs don’t touch the floor of the deer stand when sitting straight backed in the seat, I just would swing my legs from the knee down like I was running. I am sure this looks like a nugget (midget) running. I was trying to get some blood flowing and get my body warm. After no deer, I decided to walk out to the field (use to have peanuts, and now it’s the local Cheer’s for the deer) So I lay down on the ground and wait for them to come out, the day before I saw about 6 in the field, today…none!
Oh well, Rachel sends me a text saying she is heading to the car. I start walking that way, with gun pointed down across the field (you will see in a minute why that information is important). While I am walking, I start to take out the bullets out of the chamber (which I do every time just like this time). Buuuuuuuuuut….this time, something happens, when I flip the safety switch off (because to open the chamber it has to be off safety) the gun goes off. I shot DIRT! As I stand motionless, shocked, and well frankly really confused , Rachel comes running out of the woods from her car. She thought I shot a deer in the field behind the car. Nope, just the ground!!
After we get in the car, still a little shell shocked about it, she starts backing up out of her hidden parking spot, pulled in among trees, we hear and feel a thud! She backed into a tree. I mean…killed her tail light.
Oh well, let’s tally up the kills for the day…dirt and tree! Now that’s what I call a bad day hunting!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Let Myself Down

So when people have been putting up facebook status' about decorating for Christmas, or being excited about Starbucks Red Christmas cups, or starting their Christmas shopping, or excited that a mall, etc has put up their tree. While these people were doing that, I was secretly scolding them, saying to myself, and sometimes, on Twitter (@bulldawgbelle) ...LET THANKSGIVING HAVE IT'S DAY.


I went to Starbucks, had one of the Christmas latte's in a red cup....NOTHING!

I went to Marshalls/Home Goods to see if they had random pieces of my Christmas china (which I use starting the beginning of November because it's not very christmasy...more wintry (Johnson Brothers, Friendly Village) . But about this time the Home Goods stores might get a random piece or two. While there.....ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!! I started doing Christmas shopping, and got wrapping paper!! My "Give Thanksgiving it's day" outer shell broke into a million tiny pieces.

Next I went to Target to buy some gift tags for the soon to be wrapped presents, but instead of getting in, and getting out.... I bought a few more gifts....It was over, because at that point, all I wanted to do was find a Christmas tree (which thank goodness the fresh cut trees aren't available yet), then run home put on Christmas flannel pants and sip wine, listen to music and decorate for Christmas!!! (This picture below didn't help! Sleigh rides around Northcross shopping Center)
What saved me from listening to Christmas music was the Georgia game on....but wait half time is here.....I don't want to listen to the ESPN announcers talk about other games.....oh wait.....Dish Network has a special channel just for Christmas music....just through half time....that's it.

My sister sends a text message about an hour and a half later with something about the game....Oh SHIT.... I am STILL listening to Christmas music!!!!

Well not only did I pull out decorations, I got creative for my wall about my fireplace!! I made my own artwork. I had the old painters canvas' that I just covered with red silk fabric last year, and hadn't done anything with them. So I pulled out my paints, dipped different sized glasses in them and put circles on them, then sewed on a few gold ornaments to it. I think it looks kind of fun, different, and kind of fabulous!! Haha, but that's the crazy me, drugged out on Christmas spirit.
Now here I sit, sipping out of a red Starbucks coffee cup and looking at the Christmas tree in Birkdale, and listening the the wonderful Christmas music in Starbucks....and I think I have finally just giving up on fighting the spirit.

Well...Thanksgiving, I will give you your day...I just had to have a few moments of early Christmas to myself!!!

Now off to watch the Movie "The Blind Side" by myself....I do love seeing a movie by myself every once in awhile.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I once was a teenage girl, and after last night I loathe it. I went and watched the second part of the Twilight Saga last night. Of course, I knew what I was getting into, these books and movies are meant for the teenage group. It was packed full of tweens. They all gasp or laugh louder than needed (remember they have to be dramatic about EVERYTHING), they play with their phones that the light on their screens are lighting up the place, and oh wait for it….ANSWER THE PHONE DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE!!! (The teeny bopper in front of me answered her phone and said “I’m in a movie”. First off don’t all you kids know what texting is, and secondly….It’s rude for you to think that you are the most important person in the room, and COME on!!!

Here is the difference from when I was a teenager versus the teenagers of today. We didn’t have cell phones that had battery power long enoug to make it past unplugging it from the car charger to actually getting out of the car, cause we had Zack Morris phones! We didn’t know what Starbucks coffee was. We knew who Katie Holmes was before Tom Cruise. We were either “Team Pacey, or Team Dawson”. Most importantly, we knew our place in the world much better, and weren’t rude to other people older than us. I mean I am just baffled with the rudeness of all of these kids. They think they are more important than anything else. I just don’t get it.

All I know is I hate teenage girls and loathe that I once was one!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What team do you bat for?

All I see these days is everyone saying "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" (if you don't know those teams, you obviously don't know anything about the Twilight craze running through every teenage girl and okay, stay at home mom, and every other female in general. I have read the first two books, and like them, watched the first movie, and was disappointed, and now going this weekend to see film #2!

I don't want to be a follower, so I am going to set a new precedent! I am team "Carol Hannah", and if you are scratching your head, wondering what Twilight character that is, you will be scratching for awhile. Carol Hannah is from Lifetime and Heidi Klum's Project Runway. I love this little designer and I hope that tonight she will win the season finale.
Here is some info on Carol Hannah! First of all...She Southern!!!! That's the #1 fact! She is 24 years old and from Charleston, South Carolina and is a self-taught designer, which means she's never gone to fashion school or studied fashion in Paris, Milan, etc. Her favorite designers that inspire her are Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. The first thing she ever designed and made was clothes for her precious is that!

She just great! I encourage you to watch this season of Project Runway!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Volunteering at the rescue

Today I went to volunteer orientation at the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, which is about 5-8 minutes from my house. I spent around 4 hours learning the ropes of the facility and meeting some AMAZING dogs.

Since I have been unemployed, I sometime feel like I lose my sense of worth and don't feel important in this world, and that will get you into a slump. When I left the rescue today, I felt on top of the world, I had a better feeling of self confidence, and I felt like a worthy human being. There are over 70 dogs there that have the ability to heal the human soul. I truly feel like a different person. I feel tears welling up just talking about it. I wanted to volunteer because I felt dogs without a family need someone to show them love and show them how important they are, but in reality, these dogs helped me. It's like I will help you and you will help me.

These dogs are amazing beings, they live on this farm waiting for someone to take them and love them for the wonderful dogs that they are, they aren't just laying around pouting, they are happy for anyone to show them love. We as humans can learn a thing or two from a homeless dog. Don't judge someone before you really get to meet them and make the best out of any situation you are in.

We think that going and volunteering to walk the dogs and give them love is something to temporarily help them until they get a home, but even after one the dogs is adopted, the time we spend with them makes a difference in their lives forever. They may be a little more gentler with a child because of the belly rubs. They may start to not be afraid of humans if they were once abused because I showed them that their are humans that want to love them and make them a home. As we have grown up in this world, tiny acts of kindness that strangers have shown us among the passing years have stuck and we remember, the same goes with dogs. They will remember all the kindness showered over them and will help make someones house a home because of it.

I know that I am truly thankful for what these dogs have done for me, and I hope that I can repay them by helping them find homes!!

The picture above is one of my favorites, a Dane named Abbey. She was the first dog from the rescue that I took for a walk, okay, I lie, she took me skiing. But in reality, she doesn't get walked very much, due to the volume of dogs, and when she was let out, she pulled the leash raring to go, and I happened to still be attached!! Here is some info on her: Abbey is still a young girl at heart looking for her TRUE forever home. Abbey has been in several homes and was surrendered to our rescue recently. Because she has been in different homes, Abbey needs someone who will be patient with her and gain her trust. When people first approach her kennel, she will bark at them because she is so untrusting of others and nervous. But inside, there is a wonderful heart who is looking for a nice place to lay her head, eat her meals, and go on long walks. Abbey does get along with other dogs and would do great with a medium to large male dog who will run and play with her. Abbey would also be best in a home with kids over 10.

The Picture above is Amos. Here is some info on him:Amos is a beautiful black Lab mix that came from a high kill shelter with his brother, Andy. Amos is very scared at the rescue, but is starting to come around. Amos feels very safe with his brother, but would be fine adopted without him. Amos needs someone who is patient and willing to take the time to get to know all of his special gifts. Amos would do well in a home with Andy or as the only dog to start.

The picture above is of a sweet little girl named Ebby! She is dachshund/basset hound, and totally the best of both worlds...I love her and want her for myself, but I want to wait to get another dog! She is currently in foster, so she is being well loved!! Here is some info on her: I love to ride in the car. I love treats and I like to play with toys. I am such a good girl. I hope you have room for me in your car, your home and your heart! Really...I don't take up much space.

Here is the website for the rescue!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pretty Leaves...My Ass!!

Oh first I was one of the people from the South that usually sees nothing but pine trees all year long. There isn't one season in which they look beautiful and people stop and admire them. I did take a picture and gasp when the tree (picture below) in front of my North Carolina home turned a shade of orange I have never seen before . It was beautiful. That was then, this is now, only a week or two later. Leaves changing.....SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why you ask? Well it's because we North Carolinian's have to rake those beautiful leaves off the ground. Oh, yes, gorgeous when still attached to the branches, but when they all break loose about the same time, which happened when a rain and when came through, the a four letter word that starts with F pops out of the sweet little Southern mouth. I won't lie, I repeated the F word (Friggin'...duh) about 10 times when I realized how much raking was involved. I had enough leaves covering the ground that I could lose my dog in there. Okay, yes he's a dachshund and short, but still that's a crap load of leaves!! So next time you stop and admire the beautiful colors cloaking the fall leaves, say a prayer for those folks that actually have to get those off the ground.......NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Need a Dentist!?!?

Go to Welborne, White and O'Leary if you are in the Lake Norman area.

I chipped a tooth on Friday, chewing freaking Halloween candy...Yes, bitter about it! I officially don't like Halloween anymore after my Friday! Another blog post will follow in more detail.

This morning I went it to get it fixed, afterwards he told me...No charge, just refer us to a friend.

Seriously, Seriously...that is freaking awesome...I really thought this was going to be the most expensive Halloween ever!!

So here is there info:

Welborne, White, and O'Leary
9700 Caldwell Commons Circle Cornelius, NC 28031

Call them! Tell them I sent you!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thing I learned while deer hunting

Before you start says how terrible it is... I want to say, that deer hunting is a good thing. What many people don't understand is that deer breed like rabbits! If the deer hunters of this world didn't hunt them for their meat, then they would probably overpopulate, spread disease around their species and kill themselves off.

So in theory...deer hunters keep their species on the planet.

Okay, so back to what I learned. I sat in the woods for quite a bit of time over the past weekend. I only saw a few doe (female deer for those that may not know the terminology) and two babies (yes...Bambi's) that were definitely practicing jumping over bushes (it was so much fun to watch). I enjoy just watching nature when waiting for the trophy buck to step in my sight!

Things I learned:
1. Falling leaves are really loud ( I kept thinking something was about to emerge from the trees...nope just the wind blowing and a bunch of leaves falling)

2. A 2 lb squirrel can make more noise than a 200lb buck with a rack full of antlers (next time I will start popping off the 'lil bastards)
3. It gets colder when the sun comes up than when its dark (It's really shocking)

4. You could almost hear yourself think if it weren't for the squirrels and armadillos making all sorts of racket breaking twigs and stepping on crunchy leaves (again, next time I will start popping off the 'lil bastards)

5. Mosquito's can carry you away (I think the combined weight of all the mosquito's that bit me in a 2.5 hour time frame weighed more than me)

6. When you absolutely need to be still and quiet because you see a deer, all the sudden you feel the need to scratch something (i.e. leg, arm, neck, MOSQUITO BITE) (self explanatory)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Secret Recipe

I carried out a family tradition! And not the Hank Williams Jr version.

Sugar cookies! Growing up we made sugar cookies for all major holidays and occasions! We did make upward of 300 for both my cousins weddings and my sister's (family tradition for wedding favors).

It's a long process, make the homemade dough, let it refrigerate, then roll it and cut the shapes, then bake, then make homemade icing, then decorate!

I did pumpkins for halloween and they are oh so tasty. Maybe some turkeys for thanksgiving!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot Spiced Cider...

Just like me...the spiced part at least!

With the weather cold and damp, and the leaves colors of golds, reds, and oranges, it must be time for some warm cider!

From my favorite cookbooks...Panther Pride Cookbook, published sometime in the early 90s. It was a PTA fundraiser from my school. It's full of great recipes!

Here it is and it's super easy, and makes your house smell wonderful all at the same time...who needs an expensive candle when you can drink this too!!

Hot Spiced Cider

2 quarts apple cider

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 sticks cinnamon

1 teaspoon cloves

1/8 teaspoon ginger

1 orange, sliced

Combine all ingredients in a crock pot, cover, heat on low for 2-5 hours.

Done and Done!!

Told ya...super easy. Dump in all in and forgetta bout it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Southern Living at HOME

As you all may know, I was laid off back in March and have been job hunting since then. If anyone knows what the unemployment life is like...IT'S BORING!! NO reason to wake up before 10 am, NO reason to shower for days at a time, NO reason to put on anything but sweats and PJs, honestly it puts you on the edge of depression because you don't feel needed or have anything to do. My breaking point was that I was able to finish a book in 6 hours! I said that's enough, I need to do something. So what did I do, I had an idea. As I was decorating my new house I was thinking that I needed a few more pieces from Southern Living at Home. Before I moved to NC almost 4 years ago (time has flown) I hosted a party to score on some free stuff!! That I did!! Well I came to the conclusion that I should start Southern Living at Home as a consultant so that I could be busy while hunting for a job!

I wanted to let you all know what I was doing and therefore you guys would help me stay busy with doing parties at your homes and earning you all free stuff!! It's all totally awesome stuff and wouldn't be doing this otherwise!!

Please check out my website at Also if you are around the Huntersville, NC area please stop by my home on Saturday, October 17th from 3-5pm for my launch party, you don't have to buy or do anything, just come and have a glass of wine and eat some cheese. It's just a drop in, come anytime between 3 and 5! Bring a friend or two!!

Please forward to anyone who might be interested in booking a party or just ordering directly through me!!

Thank you everyone, and I will contribute my life without boredom to you all!!! Seriously....I watch to much "Young and the Restless" and I clean my floors every DAY!!!! I need something else to preoccupy my time!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Dog's day at the park!

Saturday, October 3rd-

I took Gus down to the Bailey Road Park in Cornelius and entered him into the All-American Dog Show. He competed in the Best Dressed contest and best ears contest.

He lost both, but he was robbed in the best dressed contest...he was the cutest damn bee you've ever seen!!

Oh well, we left defeated, but it was a really fun time!! We saw lots of cute puppies...and even some bullies that made Gus decide he wants a bulldog brother or sister....So I am working on it...what Gus wants...Gus gets....okay, really it's me that wants the bulldog!!! Gus doesn't want to share me, but he is going to have to!!

I'm back

Hey Ya'll, I know it has been awhile since I last blogged. I have been working really hard on my house, and know that I have done a lot, I am able to get back to blogging. Well I have so many things to blog about. I am also working on a facebook status blog that will take some time, but trust me it will be worth reading once I do it.

Hope all is well with the world!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movers and Shakers

Okay, I am just a mover right now...but I am shaking all right!!

I am trying to pack up all my stuff from the townhouse I live in with two lovely ladies, and one English gent and move into my very first home. I will be a homeowner on Friday! It's very bittersweet, buying the home. I don't want to get into it, but I am happy to buy it, but the reason I was able to is still tender to talk about.

On happier notes...I have thought of something (or maybe I have read it somewhere...I don't want to take credit if I discovered this through someone else without my recollection). Well, I had all my belts in one large basket...I had lots...they filled the basket up. Well I decided that I would roll all my belts up, then put a rubber band around them to hold them in place. OMG....the space that I will be saving when I put them in my closet in my new house. This is such a great idea...I only wish I had thought about it earlier!!

So go and grab a handful of rubberbands so you can roll and band your belts...start SPACE SAVING!!!


The dogs days of Summer (august) left quickly and so did it's weather!!!

September arrived and I'll have you know it...the temperature dropped dramatically, therefore giving us a taste of Fall. I am sure that it's only a taste and tease kind of thing, you know next week will probably will be 100 degrees!

This weather is making me think of wonderful things....Leaves changing colors, new fall clothes in stores (not that I need to be shopping), and the most wonderful thing of all....FOOTBALL....GEORGIA FOOTBALL at that!!

There is nothing better than a crisp Saturday in Sanford Stadium!

So cheers everyone to fall, let us remember all the things we have to be thankful for and savor every wonderful day we are given!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hide your Beagle, Vick's an Eagle

Last night I was watching Larry King Live. They were debating about Michael Vick's return to the NFL. The sweetest part was when a pit bull named Georgia ( this picture above I think is her) appeared with a handler from a recuperation center for dogs. She was such a sweet dog that was rescued from Michael Vick's "Bad Newz Kennels". When they rescued her she was missing all her teeth, which she will always be without. It just goes to show, that these dogs are the only ones that deserve a second chance out of this situation, NOT Vick or anyone he was in business with.

I am posting some pictures that will hurt your heart, I am not even posting the worst ones, when I googled "Michael Vick Dogs" I was in tears looking at the photos, it is incomprehensible that someone could do such things.

So I say to the NFL, this is the guy that you are putting in front of millions of children and other people who now think that you can get away with brutality. This guy the most disgusting piece of trash on the earth, and the only thing he deserves is to rot in hell.

Gus (My dachshund) was dreaming last night, and this is how I am interpreting his dream for him...He bet all his kibbles on the pit bull in the fighting ring with Michael Vick, and Gus won the bet, the pit bull bit Vick in the jugular...and all is better in the animal world, they feel safer now.

I mean hell, Sigfried and Roy treat their tigers with love and respect and the tiger plays rough and nearly kills one, I wish all of the "Bad Newz" dogs would have ganged up and attacked all the humans there. That would have been vindication.

Michael Vick does not belong on the football could the commissioner look at the above picture and for one second think he deserves a second chance. The tin man was born with out a heart, but wanted one desperately...Michael Vick apparently wasn't born with one nor wants one. Disgust!! That is all I can say about him, disgusting excuse for a human.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Illegal Deliciousness

This weekend the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will be racing in Michigan. One of the favorite places I have visited. The reason being is staying at the Campus Inn, in downtown Ann Arbor. The main reason I love this place is the Creme is divine. Pictured below.
The first trip to MI, I had the dessert in the hotel bar while a friend stalked and waited out Adam Sander, who was staying at the same hotel, he eventually met Sandler, but the Creme Brulee was satisfying enough for me and turned in to early to see the funny man. On trip #2 back the the fabulous place, I had been off the plane and checked in for about 10 minutes before room service was up with a tray displaying a slice of heaven. I really do love this stuff!!I truly believe that the Campus Inn, Ann Arbor, MI has the world's best Creme Brulee, I dare anyone to compare, and I really do hope that someone eventually does, that just means more people than guests at one hotel in America can enjoy such illegal deliciousness!I think my love for downtown Ann Arbor is that it reminds me of downtown Athens, GA. See the picture of the streets below. Also to note, the Michigan stadium is walking distance from downtown, just like Sanford Stadium is Athens! There is also great little bars as well. I will say...Athens is much better and will be my first love of a purely college town, but Ann Arbor is a good and well deserved second.

If you are ever in Ann Arbor, make sure to stop into the Campus Inn's hotel bar and order up some Creme Brulee, I promise it won't disappoint!! Bon Appetite!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Farmer's Work

Today I was going through pictures of my dad to scan into my computer. As I was going through them, I just realized so much about my dad and these are the words that were going through my mind, so I put them in text. Here's my little poem that explains who my dad is...

A Farmer’s Work
A farmer’s work is never done because there are always crops to be planted, watered, and harvested
A farmer’s work is never done because he always makes time for Daddy’s little girls.
A farmer’s work is never done because he has friends that need him to join in some fun
A farmer’s work is never done because he will drop everything for his family.
A farmer’s work is never done because he stops to eat a meal cooked with mother’s love.
A farmer’s work is never done even in Heaven.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Week!

So I want to say cheers to a good week.

This week everyone did really great in Operation Lose it, with major kudos going to Dani, she was the Top Loser this week!!

And Today I put in an offer for my first house. I am excited and praying they except my offer, I hope my Daddy has some pull with the real estate folks in heaven and everything will work out accordingly!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As I enjoy my morning Snicker doodle Coffee, I was just checking some favorite sites. I noticed that there is a wig being marketed for Halloween....The lovely, chopped up, two toned, I'm am trying to be a celebrity mom hair cut wig....Don't know yet?!?!?!?

Well it's none other than Kate Gosselin, of Jon and Kate (divorced) plus 8.
I was thinking what a great, great, Halloween costume, October 31st is not far away, so we should all start planning!!

So here is the idea I have put together for Halloween, anyone wanting to use this, feel free, unless we will be at the same event, then I will beat you down like Kate beats down Jon!!!

First you have to get the wig.

Second you have to get an outfit from her lovely clothing sponsor, Ann Taylor Loft

Third you will need to find 8 Asian baby dolls, 2 (Kara and Maddie) can be bigger than the other 6.

Fourth you will need a set of testicles to hang around your neck, with a sign that says "Jon, if you want these back, take out that stupid earring"

You should rack up on the candy, I mean hell, ya got 8 kids tagging along with you!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Operation Lose It

Myself along with 5 other wonderful women have started a plan to help each other lose a few pounds. Each one of us a set a goal of what we would like to lose and will encourage each other along the way.

I am doing the weight watchers method, back in early 2006 I lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks doing this. I need structure. This time around, and being that it's summer instead of winter, there are a lot of fresh fruit and veggies available everywhere. I am eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and I am realizing I stay under my recommended 20 points without even trying.

So for those that don't want to do weight watchers, just stick to fresh fruit, veggies, lean meats, tons of water, and a small treat each day.

A product I want to suggest everyone is: Gorton's grilled Fillets. The come in several different ways, garlic butter, lemon butter, Italian herbs. But each fillet is only 100 calories and only 2 ww points per serving. Also a former co-worker that was on nutrisystem ate these for dinners as well. So they fit lots of diets.

A great meal that is very low in calories and weight watcher points is one of these fillets and a vegetable (I did squash one night and then asparagus last night) sauteed in one tablespoon of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil-just in case someone doesn't know the abbreviation). For a total of 3 points I had a great meal, and I even had points left over to have a 4 oz. glass of wine with dinner.

I think if you are dieting, don't starve yourself of the things your truly want, for me it's a glass of wine once in a while or a sweet treat, because if you neglect the pains for those things, you might over indulge later, so have a small glass of wine, or just 4 oz. of coke, because at the end of the day, it's about satisfying your taste buds, all they really want is a give it to them, and they will stop harassing you!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Testing God's Plans


Some people call them blessings from God, but are they blessings from God when you have gone against God's plan and had children.

What I mean by this is that if you can't get pregnant the way God intended for a women to, then is it against God's plan for a Doctor to get you pregnant. God has a plan for each and every person, and yes I believe that God loves all the children, natural or Doctor formed, but does God punish someone for going against his will.

I believe that if you can't make a baby the way God created man and women, then adoption is the best way. God has a reason for it not to happen naturally.

Examples that are all over the covers of national magazine's: Jon and Kate, plus 8. That was a pregnancy created in a doctor's office, now look, the couple is getting divorced. Is he punishing them with a hardship on their marriage. I'm not a expert and I don't know if this is truly the case, because only God knows what he is doing. This is merely speculation. Example #2, Octomom....okay, I think God punished her already by being nuts in the head, but still....she shouldn't have had kids because she is nuts...but she went against God's plan and found a stupid doctor to work his magic.

A child is a child, and if you want to be a mother and can't do it the old fashion way, maybe adoption is the way to go, because their are children out there that need parents that want a child in their life.

Don't mean to offend, just merely speculation. I believe God has his plans and we must follow them. I believe that sometimes we listen to OUR WANTS more than we listen to what God WANTS!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson memorial service

I didn't expect to shed tears, I didn't know him personally, but unexpected tears started pouring when the pallbearers brought the casket in. This is the first funeral I have seen/been to since my Daddy's in January. So many people are watching this service as fans, but if you step back and see this as a funeral of someones father, brother, son, you will see this differently. I found it disrespectful of the people in the Staple's Center to be cheering and clapping after speeches and performances. This wasn't a concert, it was a goodbye for a family as well.

I never thought I would find comfort in something from Stevie Wonder, but he said "We may want him here with us, but apparently God needed him so much more." I find comfort in that because I want and need my daddy here, but apparently God needed an experienced farmer in Heaven. I am telling you, there are some straight, tall rows of corn up there!

Jermaine Jackson sang the song, "Smile" and I feel different things about that song that I use to, death changes your perspective about a lot of things in life. As our loved ones leave us, we try to smile and go on with our lives, but I feel a twinge of guilt that I can be happy, I don't want to be happy without him because I start to feel that it looks like he wasn't that big a part in my life, and that is far from the truth.

This memorial service brought back many feelings from January, and I miss my Dad more every single day.

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, whats the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, whats the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Friday, June 12, 2009

Celebrity Dirt- I am so BEHIND

So while I have been living in my unemployment bubble, I tend to forget to look at the major celeb gossip sites. So I did and guess what....

Paris Hilton and her "Hills" tag along boyfriend Doug Reinhardt broke up, I mean who cares, but I totally didn't see this one coming...NOT!

Apparently there is an HIV outbreak in the porn industry, again, who cares, but I totally didn't that happening either...HA!! Come on people if you play with fire, you might catch something that dieasel and a wire brush can't get rid of.

Apparently Brett Michaels busted his face while at the Tony awards. Well now his face matches his busted hair!

Miley Cyrus is in Savannah filming a movie and apparently riding Jet ski's down south with Nick Jonas. Apparently Miley dumped her model boyfriend and may be back with a Jonas. CRAZY!! I bet all the kids are going nutso in Savannah, trying to get a glimpse of Miley!

Kendra "Girls Next Door" is preggers! Good to know it's not Hef's, otherwise I think their maybe another mysterious case of Benjamin Button, except the kid would look like an old man forever.

Karl Lagerfeld called Heidi Klum "heavy", jf Heidi is heavy, what am I a hippo!!!

There is another "pirates" sequel coming out, "Where's the Rum?" Everyone loves a little Jack Sparrow!!

USH...ERRRRR is getting divorced after 2 years, who really thought that this R & B marriage would last...NOT ME, but again who really cares!

Miss America was "Fired", who knew that you could get fired, I thought they called it taking the crown away, but now they treat it like a job. I mean all they are talking heads, what's with pagent girls anyway!! Again who cares, it's not like she was saving the planet or anything.

Swine flu is now a worldwide pandemic....okay I know this isn't celebrity gossip, but it was on Perez, and I did just find this out.

Okay that's enough, just thought maybe someone else may be behind on this info and needs to know!!!

Have a great Weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When God closes Doors, He opens Windows

Back in March, God closed a door on me. One of unemployment. I was pissed and embarrassed a little, thinking that I was some black sheep that didn't have a job. After a week on moping around, I embraced it, decided that it was God's way of saying, take a break, and I will take care of you. He did. I didn't have to worry about money, because due to the way the unemployment system works, and due to a battle last year for my sales commission, I got paid my entire bonus in one quarter, and unemployment pays you on your highest paid quarter, therefore, I was getting just a little less than my former salary. God's little blessing in disquise from last year's battle about bonus! God knew what was ahead for me.

Just this week, my former employer let more people go and cut everyone's salary and making everyone take a mandatory two week unpaid vacation, therefore leaving me more profitable with unemployment. I know that unemployment isn't lasting forever, nor do I want to be on it for a long time, but I know that this gives me the opportunity to search for a job that I "want" and not one that I "need". It's about passion, and I want to find something that I am passionate about. So my layoff in March was a blessing in disquise yet again, because God was looking out for me because of the future things to come at my old employer.

I have found it so hard to keep my faith in God this year. I have lost alot, and I am not going to say, I know other's have lost more and I should be thankful for what I have, because I am bitter, and I don't believe this, I am thankful for what I have, but I miss the hell out of my Dad. Father's day is coming up and it's taking alot to get through it, but I have faith in God that he has put the right people in my life to see me through it.

Hopefully I found the window that God opened for me, it took me awhile, but I think or hope that I found it. I recieved a call yesterday about a possible job and I have a meeting next week. It's with someone I met with over a year ago about a job. Good things comes to those who wait, right? I am just not patient, and I believe this has been God's way of saying "Kelly, hold your britches just a minute!" So I have had to put my big girl panties on and be patient, luckily I have gotten a good tan and reading some good books all while being as patient as I possibly can!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lumsden Farms- North Carolina Branch

Well apparently "I got it from my.." Daddy. Farming skills that is! I am currently growing two tomato plants in one large clay pot and two squash plants in another container on my back deck. I am happy to report good things, I currently have two tiny baby tomato's dangling from the vines, I mean they kind of look like little dingleberries right now, but very very cute!! Also I learned how squash plant, flowers, then when the flowers open up, little yellow "things" coming out of the center. I am so excited that I am going to fresh veggies this summer. I decided to take things slow and start with tomato's and squash next year I will branch out.
Everyone is complaining about all the rain, but my 'mater and squashy plants are doing happy dances!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

For All the Dogs....

Michael Vick was released from prison yesterday! All of God's innocent animal creatures, run for hiding!

First I believe that he didn't get a harsh enough sentence- 23 months...seriously! I am sure attempted robbery gets a longer sentence, oh yeah, and he gets to spend the last 2 months in his home. You know those "Beware of Dogs signs" well his house has a sign that says "Dogs, Beware of Human".
Second, for everyone out there that is saying that Vick deserves a second chance need to clear their heads and think again. People are saying everyone deserves a second chance, We all make mistakes. Well that is true, but when your mistakes involved letting an innocent dog die for your profit, then that is more than running a stop sign! Yes, people deserve second chances, but there are people out there that do not have homes because the bank said no, you didn't pay us, you don't deserve a second chance. These people's only mistake maybe that they just couldn't afford to pay their mortgage that month due to unexpected hospital expenses, but yet the bank doesn't think they deserve a second chance. So to say Vick deserves a second chance at making millions in a game that children look up to the players, that just isn't right. People that maliciously destroyed the lives of 100's of dogs, doesn't deserve to live the lifestyle he once was accustomed to. So if he is playing in the NFL making the big bucks, how are we to know that he won't start doing the same thing again.

Someone said, "Stop Hating on Vick". Seriously, that just angers me. He deserves to be hated, and without a doubt he does not deserve to play a highly respected game. Let him work hard in the real world like everyone else. Yes, he has tremendous talent, but when you lend your name and money to terrible things, you don't deserve to capitalize on your talent anymore. So if he would have murder a person, would the NFL reinstate him. I will go out on a limb here and say absolutely not, they would not want their name associated with a murderer. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH VICK? He is a murderer, he let 100s of animal be murdered and maimed. He is a worthless human being that deserves to struggle after being released from jail. So yes, he deserves a second chance out of jail, but NO he doesn't deserve a second chance in the NFL. Children of America will be seeing this as, "You know what, I can do what ever I want, no matter the consequences, and still have a super star life." What kind of message will this send! Also, the NFL didn't suffer the last two years without Vick, so really why do they need him back.

I hope the NFL takes a stance and says NO! That's the American thing to do!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sassy Sugar comes in Apples

I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, and I always taken care of that tooth, but that tooth hasn't always taken care of me. I love my desserts, but my clothes don't necessarily love them. So today I did an experiment and it turned about fabulous and very figure friendly!

It's my low calorie/fat version of Apple Crisp! I just cut up a few apples, sprinkled some splenda and cinnamon over it, then add a little I can't believe it's not butter, throw it in the oven to bake for about 20 minutes (I put it on 300 degrees) ....then walla...I can't believe this isn't bad for me!

Enjoy! I am sure that adding it on top of a little low fat ice cream would be divine!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phone Line to Heaven

Dear God,
I need you to do me a favor. I need to set up a way for me to call Heaven. I need you to figure it out with Sprint (they have this Now network with 4 G something or another-Seriously that should be in signal reach), Alltel (Daddy has been a loyal customer since Bag phones, I am sure they would do it for a valuable customer), Verizon (I can try shouting "Can you hear me now" until I get a response), or AT&T! I don't know who would have the best Earth to Heaven calling plan, but surely you can figure it out with Technology the way it is these days. I mean if it needs to be the old fashion phone line...that works for me to.
See the reason I need it is because when I have car issues, I HAVE TO speak to my Daddy. It's just our thing. I have a flat, I have a check engine light on...I CALL HIM. When I was in college I called him after I blew out two tires in one try (I wasn't really trying, the curb just snuck up on me!) Well of course I called him. His response was "Well what I am suppose to do?" The thing was he was 3 hours away and on a tractor in the middle of the field. His question was ver appropriate, what was he suppose to do, nothing really, I just always felt the need to call my Daddy when in a crisis (and blowing two tires at once...that defines as crisis...considering I only have one spare tire). I mean it could be as simple as the last "Car Conversation" my dad and I ever had, which 3 days before he died. "Daddy, when I got my oil changed last time, they left the oil cap off, is that going to do major damage?" He said I shouldn't worry (so if anyone else experience's this-don't stress out, according to the Great Late Roy Lumsden).
This week has been one of those. Last Wednesday I had a flat on the side of I-85 north in south Carolina (see- then after I get my tire repair yesterday, my car started shaking uncontrolably, so I take it in to get seen about. They do $300 worth of work and the problem still exists, take it back today and apparently I got gas from a bad pump, cause there is junk all in my trunk (not really-just the gas tank, but it rhymed and I couldn't help myself).
So you see, I've had a bad week and I really need to "tell" Daddy about it, because as always he can't really do anything about it...HE JUSTS NEEDS TO KNOW!

Thank you,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guitar Hero

I played Wii Guitar Hero for the first time in my life last weekend in Richmond, Va. I just want to tell everyone...I SUCK! I mean, can't hit a chord, shaking the guitar mad because I stink so bad. Why is it that I am so bad? I have decided that it's a video game thing. I didn't grow up with a video game console (Seriously, I think my sister and I were the only kids in America that didn't have the original Nintendo-you know the one with Mario and duck hunt on the same game).

People that have played video games since birth, really have the finger to control to TV eye coordination down. Let me put it in perspective: me playing a video game is the equivalent of a chess nerd playing football (under-developed in a highly aggressive game). I am not saying that I don't love the game, because I do...I really want to be good at it, but Rome wasn't built in a day, so my skills in Guitar Hero won't either.

Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band: I have played Rock Band before, and after playing Guitar Hero, I have decided that I like GH better. The reasoning is because when it comes to video games, I need simplicity (i.e original Nintendo) and with RB you have a lot going on, on the screen (drummer, singer, 2 guitars). With GH only thing on the screen is two guitars...this I can handle. I am so ADD when it comes to looking at the screen that RB that most likely I will probably be looking at the wrong thing and playing the drummer's chords when I am on guitar!

I tried to play Super Mario Bros 3 last weekend as well, and lets just say...A 2 year old can probably make Mr. Mario live longer than I can. I apparently I think that mushrooms are my buddies and think that my dearly departed friend (bc I killed him in record breaking time) Mario likes to jump into ravines!