Thursday, August 13, 2009

Illegal Deliciousness

This weekend the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will be racing in Michigan. One of the favorite places I have visited. The reason being is staying at the Campus Inn, in downtown Ann Arbor. The main reason I love this place is the Creme is divine. Pictured below.
The first trip to MI, I had the dessert in the hotel bar while a friend stalked and waited out Adam Sander, who was staying at the same hotel, he eventually met Sandler, but the Creme Brulee was satisfying enough for me and turned in to early to see the funny man. On trip #2 back the the fabulous place, I had been off the plane and checked in for about 10 minutes before room service was up with a tray displaying a slice of heaven. I really do love this stuff!!I truly believe that the Campus Inn, Ann Arbor, MI has the world's best Creme Brulee, I dare anyone to compare, and I really do hope that someone eventually does, that just means more people than guests at one hotel in America can enjoy such illegal deliciousness!I think my love for downtown Ann Arbor is that it reminds me of downtown Athens, GA. See the picture of the streets below. Also to note, the Michigan stadium is walking distance from downtown, just like Sanford Stadium is Athens! There is also great little bars as well. I will say...Athens is much better and will be my first love of a purely college town, but Ann Arbor is a good and well deserved second.

If you are ever in Ann Arbor, make sure to stop into the Campus Inn's hotel bar and order up some Creme Brulee, I promise it won't disappoint!! Bon Appetite!

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