Thursday, May 21, 2009

For All the Dogs....

Michael Vick was released from prison yesterday! All of God's innocent animal creatures, run for hiding!

First I believe that he didn't get a harsh enough sentence- 23 months...seriously! I am sure attempted robbery gets a longer sentence, oh yeah, and he gets to spend the last 2 months in his home. You know those "Beware of Dogs signs" well his house has a sign that says "Dogs, Beware of Human".
Second, for everyone out there that is saying that Vick deserves a second chance need to clear their heads and think again. People are saying everyone deserves a second chance, We all make mistakes. Well that is true, but when your mistakes involved letting an innocent dog die for your profit, then that is more than running a stop sign! Yes, people deserve second chances, but there are people out there that do not have homes because the bank said no, you didn't pay us, you don't deserve a second chance. These people's only mistake maybe that they just couldn't afford to pay their mortgage that month due to unexpected hospital expenses, but yet the bank doesn't think they deserve a second chance. So to say Vick deserves a second chance at making millions in a game that children look up to the players, that just isn't right. People that maliciously destroyed the lives of 100's of dogs, doesn't deserve to live the lifestyle he once was accustomed to. So if he is playing in the NFL making the big bucks, how are we to know that he won't start doing the same thing again.

Someone said, "Stop Hating on Vick". Seriously, that just angers me. He deserves to be hated, and without a doubt he does not deserve to play a highly respected game. Let him work hard in the real world like everyone else. Yes, he has tremendous talent, but when you lend your name and money to terrible things, you don't deserve to capitalize on your talent anymore. So if he would have murder a person, would the NFL reinstate him. I will go out on a limb here and say absolutely not, they would not want their name associated with a murderer. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH VICK? He is a murderer, he let 100s of animal be murdered and maimed. He is a worthless human being that deserves to struggle after being released from jail. So yes, he deserves a second chance out of jail, but NO he doesn't deserve a second chance in the NFL. Children of America will be seeing this as, "You know what, I can do what ever I want, no matter the consequences, and still have a super star life." What kind of message will this send! Also, the NFL didn't suffer the last two years without Vick, so really why do they need him back.

I hope the NFL takes a stance and says NO! That's the American thing to do!

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