Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pretty Leaves...My Ass!!

Oh first I was one of the people from the South that usually sees nothing but pine trees all year long. There isn't one season in which they look beautiful and people stop and admire them. I did take a picture and gasp when the tree (picture below) in front of my North Carolina home turned a shade of orange I have never seen before . It was beautiful. That was then, this is now, only a week or two later. Leaves changing.....SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why you ask? Well it's because we North Carolinian's have to rake those beautiful leaves off the ground. Oh, yes, gorgeous when still attached to the branches, but when they all break loose about the same time, which happened when a rain and when came through, the a four letter word that starts with F pops out of the sweet little Southern mouth. I won't lie, I repeated the F word (Friggin'...duh) about 10 times when I realized how much raking was involved. I had enough leaves covering the ground that I could lose my dog in there. Okay, yes he's a dachshund and short, but still that's a crap load of leaves!! So next time you stop and admire the beautiful colors cloaking the fall leaves, say a prayer for those folks that actually have to get those off the ground.......NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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