Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daimler Chrysler-Take your Jack and Go Freak yourself

Dear Daimler Chrysler,

Today I had a flat tire on I-85 N in South Carolina. The median was a wide as my Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I was quite scared of all the Semi's passing by at 80 mph, as myself (a 27 year old female-in a dress) tries to change a tire in the rain.

I pull out the stock equipment that came with my Jeep to change my tire. I think holy hell, this jack is small, but surely if the manufacturer supplies it, it meets the specifications on my grand cherokee.

Well after the first time I get it up in the air, it FALLS! My car falls, I mean hello I could have been under there or something. Then a nice gentleman stops to help me. He gets my jeep on the up on the jack, and as we are trying to pull the tire off, the jack stand leans and the car falls down again. So again we try, we get the tire completely off, and then the car falls again. This time leaving the rotor in the grass, and very hard to get the jack back underneath. After several attempts and the car falling every single time, I have to call a wrecker service to come and jack my car up.

So, you supply a jack with a Jeep Grand Cherokee that couldn't hold up a Smart Car!!! Seriously if you are going to supply a product with your vehicles, maybe you should send your daughter out in the rain on the side of an interstate to change her tire with the product you supply!!!

Please look for the package I will be sending you. I will be sending you the jack you supplied, with a note that says "F You" and also a bill for my $60 charge that I paid to get someone to come and do, that I could have done myself if you would had equipped me with something that would lift the car I bought, not a jack that won't even life a bike!!!!

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CAC muffin said...

so i tagged you for an award- i've never give you an award i think its about time! YOU TELL JEEP!