Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speeding...I am going to claim it's hereditary

Seriously... I think it is. Did you know my father? Have you met his brother? Apparently ride shotgun with my uncle and you will be crying prayers to sweet baby Jesus, or so says my brother in law!

Well, I got my second ticket in over 6 months Easter weekend.
The previous one was Labor day weekend. Guess what, both were in the tragic and unfortunate state that is South Carolina. Side note: I really hate the palmetto state! There are plenty of good reasons, just to name a few...HIGHWAY PATROL, terrible roads, Steve Spurrier (okay that's a tick against the state of Florida also), and a few other's I won't publicly list :) Anyway, the two tickets, put SC on the top of my most disliked states. I truly believe the only thing going for it is the beaches...seriously if they didn't have a coast they would be screwed!

Back to the point of the blog entry...speeding. I had a really good run there for awhile. The last speeding ticket prior to the labor day one was in Athens, Ga in the Summer of 2003, or it could have been the one I got in Perry, Georgia coming back from the Ga/Fla game, but I can't remember when that one was. Needless to say, I am not new to the blue flashing lights and the pretty pastel slips of paper. Should I do the laundry list?!?! I may not be able to remember the exact order, but here goes a try.
1. 80 in a 55, Junior year of High School (1999), coming home from babysitting to go to the football game (I was the team statistician...who else was going to keep up with who ran/threw how many yards...I had to be there on time)

2. 55 in 35, end of freshman year of college (2001), boyfriend at the time was moving out of dorm, and I took his friend to go get food(a guy named Corona-he even asked me loudly with the cop standing there...where's the nearest dunkin donuts, seriously that's when the warning flew out of reach)

3. 80 in a 70, on I-75 through speed trap that is Perry, Ga. I was so tired and coming back from a loooong weekend in Jacksonville, FL. I think it may have been fall of 2003.

4. Ran a stop sign in some ghetto off of I-20 in Atlanta on the way to six flags, I swear that I didn't see it, and went to court and got out of it (Cop was a no show)

5. 51 in a 35, literally 2 days after the stop sign ticket, in Athens, GA, not a mile from my apartment on College Station.

So the last one was sometime in 2003. I went a good 6 years without a blip, a warning, and then bam, 2 in 6 months.

Well, I have never heard of getting a lawyer for a traffic violation, but up here in the Carolina's, it's apparently what everyone does. I got my first lawyer, and I didn't have to show up to court, he got my ticket reduced, and all I had to do was send a check for my ticket amount. I should have had an Staples "That was easy" button to smack.
So for now on, me and my Cruise control are going to have a very close and loving relationship! I HOPE!!!