Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day in the Life- Crazy Ass Dachshund

I thought I would share some videos of my dog Gus, a (not-so-miniature) Miniature Dachshund. All these videos were made today...he was a busy little weenie!!

These are some of the crazy things he does. If you have a doxie, then you most likely can relate to these crazy creatures. As seen in the video directly below he loves to roll around on his back on carpet (only on carpet-doesn't do this is an all wood floored house). He rubs his nose on the carpet and grunts and scoots around pretty much on his head. Crazy...but I still love him.

Next I took my dog on a walk to Jetton Park. He loves going to the park. When we pull into the entrace he starts barking and dancing in the front seat of my car. I decided to video Gus walking, or what I call mushing! I am pretty sure that a team of Doxie's could pull a sled (just not in snow- HATES being cold)

Next I took him to a different park to swim, Ramsey Creek Park. This park is really special to me. This is where Gus' Pop Pop (my father) took him on his first jet ski ride. The last time my father ever came to visit me. We spent the afternoon riding the jet ski (and taking Gus for a ride). Actually here is a video of Gus at the lake last summer when my dad was here to visit! I just watched it, and it actually brought a tears to my eye to here my dad's voice again, oh how I miss him. To the left is Gus on the jetski. He loved it!! So I took Gus to go for a swim today, and for me to get some sun. Gus is so funny about water...he loves to bite at the waves, which leads to him drinking lots and lots of water, and having to go to potty a lot after one of these trips. This time we wanted to get the water when it stopped, which meant digging in the dirt at the bank. I have one crazy crazy pup!! Enjoy

Toddlers, Tiaras, and Frumpy Moms

This might be the most disturbing show on TV. I mean I saw a mother spray tan her 6 yr old!! WTF! I have discovered through watching this show that pageant moms are nuts in the head and more times than not, overweight. I have decided that pageant moms lead a life where they were never the center of attention, except when it came to discussing obesity, so now they have tiny little daughters and they want them to be the center of attention and the belle of the ball.
Here is what I don't understand, some of these people live in mobile homes, but yet are buying $800 dresses for their 6 yr old to where in a pageant. Are the seeing this as an investment, because reality check sweetheart, your kid is 6, she most likely will end up looking like her mother and won't be winning pageants when she is 23, so you need to start saving for college instead of spending $800 on retardedly over beaded, fluffs of pink and purple dresses.
Next thing I don't get is how these mothers can be so frumpy and out of touch with reality when it comes to their own appearance! They spend so much time teasing and strategically placing makeup on their daughters that they forget to look in the mirror...see below for example...why in the world would this pageant diva take a picture with her mom with a mullet. Come on girl, tell you mom to look in the mirror.
Pageant moms need psychiatric help. They really do. Stop worrying about what your young child looks like and loose a few pounds. Seriously!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

United Airways and Fat people

I recently saw and article on stating that United Airlines is going make obese people purchase two seats on the next flight, if the flight they are on is full and there are no extra seats available or a first class seat isn't available (these seats have more room to accomodate).

Here is the LA Times article, I couldn't find the Charlotte Observer article.,0,3361939.story?track=rss

Here is my issue... So if I am on a flight, and coach is full (where I would be sitting) and I am seated by a 450lb person, and it is crowded, and there is a seat if first class that is empty. Would United move the fat person to first class, therefore leaving the seat next to me empty...or move me to first class so the fat person could have two seats? I am going to go ahead and point out that moving the fat person to first class is WRONG!!! Why reward them for chowing down on twinkies and McDonalds? Don't reward people for being obese!! Also I think it would be less embarassing to the fat person, if you tell the other person there is a seat in first class and lie and say that "you were next on the upgrade list" that way no one has to know that you are moving people around to accomodate a large person.

I get annoyed with tall people complaining on airplanes about not having enough leg room. Why don't you book an exit row seat? I seem to always get exit row seats, I just like the extra room. It's not hard, just don't procrastinate when checking in, there is on average AT LEAST 6 exits row seats, most likely more!

I could go on and on about plane etiquette. When I have more time, I will write about that!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California

Okay...I've had enough. I really dislike Perez Hilton now. I don't understand how Perez Hilton can have his opinion that Gays should be able to get married, but Miss California can't have her opinion that they shouldn't be able to. Perez posted a new video of Bill O'Reilly interviewing a Gay author about this matter.

I want to call Perez Hilton out on his bullshit, he shoved Obama, Obama, Obama down his readers throats during the election, but Obama also said during a campaign question that he believes marriage should be between a man and woman (the same thing that Miss California said), but he kept throwing around his vote for Obama. Why can the president believe something different than him, but not Miss USA? Obviously Miss California isn't the only person to believe this. The majority of the voting public of California believe this as shows the Prop 8 votes outcome.

I don't care what people believe in on this matter, I just don't like how someone is getting punished for what they believe. I don't think what her answer was bothered me as much as the fact that she said "I think I believe", it reminded me of Miss South Carolina and "The Iraq" all over again.

If Gay people believe that they should be allowed marriage, why can't someone else believe differently. This country is about freedom of speech and opinion. Difference of opinion is what makes the world go round, get over your fat ass self Perez Hilton, you aren't the BE All!

Leave Miss California alone, she was entitled to her opinion and answer, she gave the answer that was her own. I am glad she doesn't ride the fence so she can get everyone to love her. Stand for what you believe in, the gay community stands for what they believe in and you are applauded for that, but don't be hypocritical and tell someone else they can't believe something different.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If you are unemployed and completely going insane from the boredom, I will let you in on some good ways to pass the time.

1. Week one, I cleaned and rearranged the garage. I gathered all the things I need to yard sale, and re boxed everything in Rubbermaid boxes.

2. If you are in between seasons the way I was when I was laid off, I spent a day switching my wardrobes of winter to spring. I also used this time not only to switch out seasons, but also to clean my closet, I pulled EVERYTHING out and started over, and organized things by button downs, cardigans, pull overs, polo's, etc. I feel so less panicky when looking at my closet now. I learned on watching "What not to Wear" that if your closet in clean and organized, you won't feel like you have nothing to wear when you open the doors. When it's cluttered, you are overwhelmed with the clutter, and then you feel that you have nothing to wear and go spend money on something you probably have something similar to! And we know if you are unemployed like me, you don't need to spend excess money.

3. Cook. I love to cook, but when I was working it was hard to have the time when I got home to try new recipes. I have been baking a lot to. Being at homes helps me eat better, I am not going out to lunch a few days a week, a lot of fruit and veggies!

4. WORK OUT- You are going to be going on interviews and you will need to look good. The first week, I was still a little down and out and didn't want to leave my house, but after that, I decided that I wasn't going to get fat over this. Being unemployed gives me a lot of time to go to the gym and I try for at least 45 minutes of cardio a day then light weights, or squeeze in a few classes.

5. My dog Gus is loving me being at home, we go on long walks, in which he really walks me, because he is so excited to be out and about during the middle of the day. His little waist line is getting thinner because he gets more walks.

6. Read more- I love to read, but when I got home from work I didn't feel like reading. So I am spending more time between the pages.

Hope this helps if you are unemployed and bored out of your mind!!