Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Woes

Before you think I am going "Political all over your ass" (line from Sunny in Philly-sorry- got to throw them in where I can), I am not. I am simply addressing musicians that need to get a stick out of there asses!!

This isn't Pro McCain/Anti Obama, or vice versa. I would feel this way, whichever camp was dealing with this.

This is the post from Perez Hilton that got me riled up:

Bon Jovi Has No Love For Sexy Sarah

The John McCain camp is doing it again!
They're using music at their fundraisers by artists who don't even support him nor want their songs associated with him or the bulldog with lipstick.
Back in August, Jackson Browne
sued after McCain's people used his song Running on Empty without his conset.
Then, in September the rock band Heart
sent a cease and desist letter to the Republican campaign asking them to stop using their song Barracuda.
And, just recently the McCain camp
used the Foo Fighters song, My Hero, which they didn't agree to either.
But, the most recent musician being used without permission is Bon Jovi.
The rocker is a known Barack Obama supporter. He even held a fundraising dinner in September for Obama, for $30k per person, to help out.
However, Bon Jovi's song Who Says You Can't Go Home was used during rallies held by Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin this week.
And Bon Jovi is speaking out about it.
Says the
musician, "We wrote this song as a thank you to those who have supported us over the past 25 years. The song has since become a banner for our home state of New Jersey and the de facto theme song for our partnerships around the country to build homes and rebuild communities. Although we were not asked, we do not approve of their use of 'Home'."
What do U think? Should McCain's people stop using music by artists that don't endorse him?

Now- Here is what I think! I am sure that Bon Jovi is a Philadelphia Eagles fan...would he complain if the Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, or Atlanta Falcons played one of his songs over the loud speaker at a game. I have a feeling not! It's not a matter of you being a supporter of Obama or McCain, it's a song, you realeased to the public, people play them at school dances, Cheerleaders do dances to them, high school football teams may warm up to them, Is Bon Jovi, Heart, Foo Fighters, or Jackson Browne going to sue Joe Blow High School! I don't think so.

Why are they making the music choices at Rally's a political thing? Heart and Jackson Browne should be happy there songs are being played in a group of people that large, that's exposure they other wise wouldn't have. It's music, it's not political!

I don't believe that Hollywood should get involved in politics, stick to making movies, sleeping around, and snorting stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love my celebrity gossip, but in the end it's just that, gossip. When it comes to real life, Celebrities shouldn't use there status to persuade Americans on who to vote for. Voting for a President shouldn't be about popularity, it should be what each individual person thinks is the right choice for them. I feel that Hollywood and media get in the way of what is really at stake here...our future, for the people that don't make $10k just for showing up at a party it can be a messy future.

So Bon Jovi, Heart, Foo Fighters, and Jackson Browne, take your song and shove it. If you don't like it, don't make music, don't sell albums, don't release songs on the radio, don't make millions. They aren't selling it and making money off of it, they are using your song as something to get people excited about living in America and having a choice, not about supporting McCain or Obama. Honestly I think, "Eye of the Tiger" is a much better song choice than any of the others!!! So to the previous mentioned artist....go "suck on an egg" as Chelsea Handler would say.

I am off my soap box now! If you disagree with me, and think that they have a right to sue over this, I don't care...and Yes, I am a republican, but if this was toward the Obama Camp, I would feel the same way.

Have a great day! And on November 4th, I don't care who you vote for...Just vote! As an American we all have a right to our own opinion, you won't change mine, and I won't try to change yours. But please exercise your right! If you don't vote, then you don't get the right to have an opinion on who gets elected! If you don't like it, then obviously you should have gotten off your bum and gone to the polls! Everyone should vote for what they believe in, and what is right for them, not for who's who in Hollywood.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Forecast is calling for SUNNY skies

It's been awhile since I've written, but I must state that I only blog when I feel inspired to, I know alot of people force things, not me, if I am inspired...then I write....I AM INSPIRED!!!

What has inspired me you ask? Well, the team of the FX network and three incredible guys that decided to shoot a pilot on the whopping budget of $100, and thus ending up with the funniest, most well written show on television.
Don't think that I am saying that it's in the same league as the office, because it's not, it deserves to be in a league above all others. For people that worry that it's just another show about people being stupid, thus making the audience laugh, it's not just that. "It's Always sunny in Philadelphia" discusses very important issues: Cancer, Cannibalism, America's Gas Crisis, Pedophilia, Child abandonment, Foreign affair of North Korea, Politics, and teaching people to follow their dreams, just to name a few.

I must throw out a warning to all the people I am trying to persuade to watch the show. It's not politically correct, and if you are easily offended, then NOT, I repeat, NOT the show for you. You kind of have to have a sick sense of humor and pretty sick mind. I love this show, so I must be a sick and twisted person, but that's okay with me.

The characters are outstanding, and self-destruct like no others on television. They are ego maniacs and think of themselves before anyone, or anything else. And you never know when "green man" will make a debut. The writing for this show is superb and unmatched.

WARNING: May need will make you nearly piss your pants.

Hopefully you will tune in and be come a worshiper of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as well. FX, Thursdays at 10 PM. Don't miss and I promise it won't disappoint!!!