Thursday, July 9, 2009

Testing God's Plans


Some people call them blessings from God, but are they blessings from God when you have gone against God's plan and had children.

What I mean by this is that if you can't get pregnant the way God intended for a women to, then is it against God's plan for a Doctor to get you pregnant. God has a plan for each and every person, and yes I believe that God loves all the children, natural or Doctor formed, but does God punish someone for going against his will.

I believe that if you can't make a baby the way God created man and women, then adoption is the best way. God has a reason for it not to happen naturally.

Examples that are all over the covers of national magazine's: Jon and Kate, plus 8. That was a pregnancy created in a doctor's office, now look, the couple is getting divorced. Is he punishing them with a hardship on their marriage. I'm not a expert and I don't know if this is truly the case, because only God knows what he is doing. This is merely speculation. Example #2, Octomom....okay, I think God punished her already by being nuts in the head, but still....she shouldn't have had kids because she is nuts...but she went against God's plan and found a stupid doctor to work his magic.

A child is a child, and if you want to be a mother and can't do it the old fashion way, maybe adoption is the way to go, because their are children out there that need parents that want a child in their life.

Don't mean to offend, just merely speculation. I believe God has his plans and we must follow them. I believe that sometimes we listen to OUR WANTS more than we listen to what God WANTS!

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