Thursday, May 21, 2009

For All the Dogs....

Michael Vick was released from prison yesterday! All of God's innocent animal creatures, run for hiding!

First I believe that he didn't get a harsh enough sentence- 23 months...seriously! I am sure attempted robbery gets a longer sentence, oh yeah, and he gets to spend the last 2 months in his home. You know those "Beware of Dogs signs" well his house has a sign that says "Dogs, Beware of Human".
Second, for everyone out there that is saying that Vick deserves a second chance need to clear their heads and think again. People are saying everyone deserves a second chance, We all make mistakes. Well that is true, but when your mistakes involved letting an innocent dog die for your profit, then that is more than running a stop sign! Yes, people deserve second chances, but there are people out there that do not have homes because the bank said no, you didn't pay us, you don't deserve a second chance. These people's only mistake maybe that they just couldn't afford to pay their mortgage that month due to unexpected hospital expenses, but yet the bank doesn't think they deserve a second chance. So to say Vick deserves a second chance at making millions in a game that children look up to the players, that just isn't right. People that maliciously destroyed the lives of 100's of dogs, doesn't deserve to live the lifestyle he once was accustomed to. So if he is playing in the NFL making the big bucks, how are we to know that he won't start doing the same thing again.

Someone said, "Stop Hating on Vick". Seriously, that just angers me. He deserves to be hated, and without a doubt he does not deserve to play a highly respected game. Let him work hard in the real world like everyone else. Yes, he has tremendous talent, but when you lend your name and money to terrible things, you don't deserve to capitalize on your talent anymore. So if he would have murder a person, would the NFL reinstate him. I will go out on a limb here and say absolutely not, they would not want their name associated with a murderer. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH VICK? He is a murderer, he let 100s of animal be murdered and maimed. He is a worthless human being that deserves to struggle after being released from jail. So yes, he deserves a second chance out of jail, but NO he doesn't deserve a second chance in the NFL. Children of America will be seeing this as, "You know what, I can do what ever I want, no matter the consequences, and still have a super star life." What kind of message will this send! Also, the NFL didn't suffer the last two years without Vick, so really why do they need him back.

I hope the NFL takes a stance and says NO! That's the American thing to do!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sassy Sugar comes in Apples

I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, and I always taken care of that tooth, but that tooth hasn't always taken care of me. I love my desserts, but my clothes don't necessarily love them. So today I did an experiment and it turned about fabulous and very figure friendly!

It's my low calorie/fat version of Apple Crisp! I just cut up a few apples, sprinkled some splenda and cinnamon over it, then add a little I can't believe it's not butter, throw it in the oven to bake for about 20 minutes (I put it on 300 degrees) ....then walla...I can't believe this isn't bad for me!

Enjoy! I am sure that adding it on top of a little low fat ice cream would be divine!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phone Line to Heaven

Dear God,
I need you to do me a favor. I need to set up a way for me to call Heaven. I need you to figure it out with Sprint (they have this Now network with 4 G something or another-Seriously that should be in signal reach), Alltel (Daddy has been a loyal customer since Bag phones, I am sure they would do it for a valuable customer), Verizon (I can try shouting "Can you hear me now" until I get a response), or AT&T! I don't know who would have the best Earth to Heaven calling plan, but surely you can figure it out with Technology the way it is these days. I mean if it needs to be the old fashion phone line...that works for me to.
See the reason I need it is because when I have car issues, I HAVE TO speak to my Daddy. It's just our thing. I have a flat, I have a check engine light on...I CALL HIM. When I was in college I called him after I blew out two tires in one try (I wasn't really trying, the curb just snuck up on me!) Well of course I called him. His response was "Well what I am suppose to do?" The thing was he was 3 hours away and on a tractor in the middle of the field. His question was ver appropriate, what was he suppose to do, nothing really, I just always felt the need to call my Daddy when in a crisis (and blowing two tires at once...that defines as crisis...considering I only have one spare tire). I mean it could be as simple as the last "Car Conversation" my dad and I ever had, which 3 days before he died. "Daddy, when I got my oil changed last time, they left the oil cap off, is that going to do major damage?" He said I shouldn't worry (so if anyone else experience's this-don't stress out, according to the Great Late Roy Lumsden).
This week has been one of those. Last Wednesday I had a flat on the side of I-85 north in south Carolina (see- then after I get my tire repair yesterday, my car started shaking uncontrolably, so I take it in to get seen about. They do $300 worth of work and the problem still exists, take it back today and apparently I got gas from a bad pump, cause there is junk all in my trunk (not really-just the gas tank, but it rhymed and I couldn't help myself).
So you see, I've had a bad week and I really need to "tell" Daddy about it, because as always he can't really do anything about it...HE JUSTS NEEDS TO KNOW!

Thank you,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guitar Hero

I played Wii Guitar Hero for the first time in my life last weekend in Richmond, Va. I just want to tell everyone...I SUCK! I mean, can't hit a chord, shaking the guitar mad because I stink so bad. Why is it that I am so bad? I have decided that it's a video game thing. I didn't grow up with a video game console (Seriously, I think my sister and I were the only kids in America that didn't have the original Nintendo-you know the one with Mario and duck hunt on the same game).

People that have played video games since birth, really have the finger to control to TV eye coordination down. Let me put it in perspective: me playing a video game is the equivalent of a chess nerd playing football (under-developed in a highly aggressive game). I am not saying that I don't love the game, because I do...I really want to be good at it, but Rome wasn't built in a day, so my skills in Guitar Hero won't either.

Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band: I have played Rock Band before, and after playing Guitar Hero, I have decided that I like GH better. The reasoning is because when it comes to video games, I need simplicity (i.e original Nintendo) and with RB you have a lot going on, on the screen (drummer, singer, 2 guitars). With GH only thing on the screen is two guitars...this I can handle. I am so ADD when it comes to looking at the screen that RB that most likely I will probably be looking at the wrong thing and playing the drummer's chords when I am on guitar!

I tried to play Super Mario Bros 3 last weekend as well, and lets just say...A 2 year old can probably make Mr. Mario live longer than I can. I apparently I think that mushrooms are my buddies and think that my dearly departed friend (bc I killed him in record breaking time) Mario likes to jump into ravines!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day- Not necessarily a good day

I have a wonderful Grandmother who I call MeMe. She is my father's mother. This mother's day, I will think about her more than my own mother, only because she will be experiencing her first Mother's Day without one of her children. I am not a Mother, but I have heard one of the hardest things in life is a mother losing a child. At 55 years of age, my Daddy was still his Mama's baby. She cooked lunch almost everyday for my dad and his brother. She has always taken care of her "babies" I know she misses my dad very much, and I know that this Sunday her heart will be breaking.

So this Mother's day, everyone please say an extra prayer for the mother's out there that have lost their children, and also for the children that have lost their mother's. Everyone out their is so quick to say happy mother's day to everyone that is a mother, but I ask people to be respectful of the other circumstances that are out there, don't just focus on yourself. This day may be a joy in some people's eyes, but in an equal number of eyes, this day is a sad and depressing day.

Fair warning- I may be prone to cry uncontrollably, bitch slap someone, or get drunk off my rear when father's day comes around!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daimler Chrysler-Take your Jack and Go Freak yourself

Dear Daimler Chrysler,

Today I had a flat tire on I-85 N in South Carolina. The median was a wide as my Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I was quite scared of all the Semi's passing by at 80 mph, as myself (a 27 year old female-in a dress) tries to change a tire in the rain.

I pull out the stock equipment that came with my Jeep to change my tire. I think holy hell, this jack is small, but surely if the manufacturer supplies it, it meets the specifications on my grand cherokee.

Well after the first time I get it up in the air, it FALLS! My car falls, I mean hello I could have been under there or something. Then a nice gentleman stops to help me. He gets my jeep on the up on the jack, and as we are trying to pull the tire off, the jack stand leans and the car falls down again. So again we try, we get the tire completely off, and then the car falls again. This time leaving the rotor in the grass, and very hard to get the jack back underneath. After several attempts and the car falling every single time, I have to call a wrecker service to come and jack my car up.

So, you supply a jack with a Jeep Grand Cherokee that couldn't hold up a Smart Car!!! Seriously if you are going to supply a product with your vehicles, maybe you should send your daughter out in the rain on the side of an interstate to change her tire with the product you supply!!!

Please look for the package I will be sending you. I will be sending you the jack you supplied, with a note that says "F You" and also a bill for my $60 charge that I paid to get someone to come and do, that I could have done myself if you would had equipped me with something that would lift the car I bought, not a jack that won't even life a bike!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Apparently it isn't about Mexican Independence, it's just a day to celebrate Heritage and Pride. Mexico's Independence day is actually September 16th. Hmmm...Can America get a day to celebrate Heritage and Pride(or just get drunk)? We celebrate our Independence July 4th, so I think we should get two days to celebrate being American.

What I dislike about Mexico

I HATE, LOATHE Mexican food. I only went to the Mexican Restaurant on Thursday nights in college for the $2 pitcher's! Seriously I don't like it. I know everyone thinks I am a freak, and I don't understand why I catch hell for not liking Mexican food!
Right now, I am seriously not liking the swine flu. Not that it is doing anything to me, but I feel like we are missing out on other important news due to the over broadcasting about the Pig flu. Which should be appropriately named the "Mexican flu" instead of swine flu, because there are some dumb Americans (i.e. Paris Hilton) that think pigs are spreading this. No dumb asses...pigs don't spread it, PEOPLE do. It's originating in Mexico so it should be named for that, not the innocent little piglets that are taking a bad rap!
A little serial killer name Tequila. I had the worse days of my life after shooting a bottle of this "shit for liquid" in college. To this day, I can catch a sniff and start gagging. Literally this shit will kill ya!!!

What I like about Mexico

They created a beer called CORONA..whoop whoop. If it wasn't created in Mexico, please don't tell me....let me believe that it is!
What I feel may be the best part of Mexico is the Beaches! No doubt! I visited Cozumel on my Senior cruise. I am pretty sure that the beer was cheap and the water nasty, so I stuck with drinking things that came pre-packaged...such as corona!!!

Well if you like Mexican up today in honor of Mexico. If not, go eat sushi tonight like me!
But everyone loves to drink (if not, you are a wiener) drink Margarita's (if you can stomach the smell of tequila) or Corona!

The Best Of- Athens, GA

So I took a trip down memory lane. My sister was in Athens, Ga (Home of The University of Georgia-My Alma Mater) for a conference, so I decided to come down from Charlotte and stay for two days. So I wanted to share some of my favorite (the best) things about Athens, Ga!

After getting into town, after our campus hike, we went to get food. We both wanted to go to none other than Little Italy (125 N Lumpkin St. Athens, GA). They have the best subs in Athens. I always get the #7-Turkey and Cheese, all the way, for only a mere $5.75, which Rachel and I split-because one sub can feed a small country!

For lunch the following day, my sister skipped her boxed conference lunch to meet me at one of my favorite lunch spots... Transmetropolitan (or what I refer to as only Transmet)(145 E Clayton St, Athens, GA). I have my usual, the tomato and mozzerella sandwich (it comes on foccacia bread with a side of sauteed potatos). Lunch made me take a trip down memory lane, as I remembered my lunch's with my good friend DJ Johnny D ("My gay friend that's not gay"-I really did use to call him that) once a week during the summer of 2003...oh the good talks we had at that restaurant!!

Everyone knows I have a oversized sweet tooth (always have), so I stopped in to my favorite cookie joint...Cookies and Co. Cafe (198 College Ave, Athens, Ga). They have the best cookies that they call cinnamon toast! They really can make the world a little brighter!

Sanford Stadium....some call it home, some call it heaven, some call it a DAMN GOOD TIME! Between the hedges I had some great times, made some great memories, and some times I was so drunk I just don't remember!! I have snuck in flasks stuck in my bra into here (my bust size shrunk as the game went on), I have kicked off my ridiculous heels (just because Ga. girls have to look fab at a game) in here, I have cried in here, I have screamed so much I didn't have a voice anymore in here, I have gotten September sunburns in here, I have stood for 4 hours straight in here, but most of all... I learned to bark in here!!!

Right across from Sanford Stadium is the Tate Student Center, and every year the class gift is a plaque that is on brick wall, with all the graduates' names. I haven't in the little over 4 years since graduation been back to see it, so I found my name!!
Downtown Athens' streets are lined with bars. A bar for every mood you might ever have, but none feel like home like Jr's Baitshack (142 N Jackson St,Athens, GA)does. My stretch out my years at UGA so that I would have one more football season (okay, it's technically called fall semester...but in the REAL World, it's called a football season). I only had nine hours (3 classes), and they were super easy, therefore I spent more time in Jr's Baitshack than I did class! I even hung out here when Hurricane Ivan went through Athens, seriously my friend Kim I took a detour, because there was a tree down in the middle of a road. Luckily class was closed the next day, because the word "hungover" didn't even describe the feeling. Jr's was just a home, the bartenders/owners knew my favorite drink, knew my favorite song (all I had to do was MY song, and moments later...Faded by Soul Decision was blasting from the speakers), I met friends here that I will cherish forever. It was my home my senior year of college!!

I finished off my trip by seeing one of my old friends...who happened to mentioned earlier...JOHNNY D!!! Yay! He was in town to DJ at The Loft in Downtown Athens for Cinco De Mayo. We happened to be in Athens at the same time. It was exciting on catching up on life with him. For those that don't know him, you can catch him on 95.5 The Beat in Atlanta, and several places all over the ATL!! He's the best!!