Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hide your Beagle, Vick's an Eagle

Last night I was watching Larry King Live. They were debating about Michael Vick's return to the NFL. The sweetest part was when a pit bull named Georgia ( this picture above I think is her) appeared with a handler from a recuperation center for dogs. She was such a sweet dog that was rescued from Michael Vick's "Bad Newz Kennels". When they rescued her she was missing all her teeth, which she will always be without. It just goes to show, that these dogs are the only ones that deserve a second chance out of this situation, NOT Vick or anyone he was in business with.

I am posting some pictures that will hurt your heart, I am not even posting the worst ones, when I googled "Michael Vick Dogs" I was in tears looking at the photos, it is incomprehensible that someone could do such things.

So I say to the NFL, this is the guy that you are putting in front of millions of children and other people who now think that you can get away with brutality. This guy below....is the most disgusting piece of trash on the earth, and the only thing he deserves is to rot in hell.

Gus (My dachshund) was dreaming last night, and this is how I am interpreting his dream for him...He bet all his kibbles on the pit bull in the fighting ring with Michael Vick, and Gus won the bet, the pit bull bit Vick in the jugular...and all is better in the animal world, they feel safer now.

I mean hell, Sigfried and Roy treat their tigers with love and respect and the tiger plays rough and nearly kills one, I wish all of the "Bad Newz" dogs would have ganged up and attacked all the humans there. That would have been vindication.

Michael Vick does not belong on the football field....how could the commissioner look at the above picture and for one second think he deserves a second chance. The tin man was born with out a heart, but wanted one desperately...Michael Vick apparently wasn't born with one nor wants one. Disgust!! That is all I can say about him, disgusting excuse for a human.

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