Sunday, January 2, 2011

With This Ring

With this ring.... I promise not to become the bride that will need to be told, "Shut up about your freakin; wedding!" I promise not to ask every girl I have known since grade school to wear a ugly matching dress. I promise not to devote every moment of my life between now and the yet determined date to wedding planning, wedding chatter, and just plain wedding nonsense. I promise not to bore everyone about every detail of the wedding via facebook, twitter, and blogging. I promise that above all I will remain Kelly at all times and not a bride. I will be a bride on one day only, up until then I will thus be called an event planner with benefits. (For example, I get paid in gifts for work) I promise that I will shoot a bridesmaid/matron of honor/friend if there are novelty items (you know, the straws, the necklaces, etc with male apendages on them) at my bachelorette party. Don't even think about it. I promise not to be THAT girl getting married that everyone whispers about. Note to anyone reading: If I should not hold up anyone of these promises, you have on my authority to slap the bejezus out of me and tell me to pull my self together! Cheers to wedding planning and here's to keeping the groom drunk and calm up until I do!!