Friday, June 12, 2009

Celebrity Dirt- I am so BEHIND

So while I have been living in my unemployment bubble, I tend to forget to look at the major celeb gossip sites. So I did and guess what....

Paris Hilton and her "Hills" tag along boyfriend Doug Reinhardt broke up, I mean who cares, but I totally didn't see this one coming...NOT!

Apparently there is an HIV outbreak in the porn industry, again, who cares, but I totally didn't that happening either...HA!! Come on people if you play with fire, you might catch something that dieasel and a wire brush can't get rid of.

Apparently Brett Michaels busted his face while at the Tony awards. Well now his face matches his busted hair!

Miley Cyrus is in Savannah filming a movie and apparently riding Jet ski's down south with Nick Jonas. Apparently Miley dumped her model boyfriend and may be back with a Jonas. CRAZY!! I bet all the kids are going nutso in Savannah, trying to get a glimpse of Miley!

Kendra "Girls Next Door" is preggers! Good to know it's not Hef's, otherwise I think their maybe another mysterious case of Benjamin Button, except the kid would look like an old man forever.

Karl Lagerfeld called Heidi Klum "heavy", jf Heidi is heavy, what am I a hippo!!!

There is another "pirates" sequel coming out, "Where's the Rum?" Everyone loves a little Jack Sparrow!!

USH...ERRRRR is getting divorced after 2 years, who really thought that this R & B marriage would last...NOT ME, but again who really cares!

Miss America was "Fired", who knew that you could get fired, I thought they called it taking the crown away, but now they treat it like a job. I mean all they are talking heads, what's with pagent girls anyway!! Again who cares, it's not like she was saving the planet or anything.

Swine flu is now a worldwide pandemic....okay I know this isn't celebrity gossip, but it was on Perez, and I did just find this out.

Okay that's enough, just thought maybe someone else may be behind on this info and needs to know!!!

Have a great Weekend!

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