Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guitar Hero

I played Wii Guitar Hero for the first time in my life last weekend in Richmond, Va. I just want to tell everyone...I SUCK! I mean, can't hit a chord, shaking the guitar mad because I stink so bad. Why is it that I am so bad? I have decided that it's a video game thing. I didn't grow up with a video game console (Seriously, I think my sister and I were the only kids in America that didn't have the original Nintendo-you know the one with Mario and duck hunt on the same game).

People that have played video games since birth, really have the finger to control to TV eye coordination down. Let me put it in perspective: me playing a video game is the equivalent of a chess nerd playing football (under-developed in a highly aggressive game). I am not saying that I don't love the game, because I do...I really want to be good at it, but Rome wasn't built in a day, so my skills in Guitar Hero won't either.

Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band: I have played Rock Band before, and after playing Guitar Hero, I have decided that I like GH better. The reasoning is because when it comes to video games, I need simplicity (i.e original Nintendo) and with RB you have a lot going on, on the screen (drummer, singer, 2 guitars). With GH only thing on the screen is two guitars...this I can handle. I am so ADD when it comes to looking at the screen that RB that most likely I will probably be looking at the wrong thing and playing the drummer's chords when I am on guitar!

I tried to play Super Mario Bros 3 last weekend as well, and lets just say...A 2 year old can probably make Mr. Mario live longer than I can. I apparently I think that mushrooms are my buddies and think that my dearly departed friend (bc I killed him in record breaking time) Mario likes to jump into ravines!

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