Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Let Myself Down

So when people have been putting up facebook status' about decorating for Christmas, or being excited about Starbucks Red Christmas cups, or starting their Christmas shopping, or excited that a mall, etc has put up their tree. While these people were doing that, I was secretly scolding them, saying to myself, and sometimes, on Twitter (@bulldawgbelle) ...LET THANKSGIVING HAVE IT'S DAY.


I went to Starbucks, had one of the Christmas latte's in a red cup....NOTHING!

I went to Marshalls/Home Goods to see if they had random pieces of my Christmas china (which I use starting the beginning of November because it's not very christmasy...more wintry (Johnson Brothers, Friendly Village) . But about this time the Home Goods stores might get a random piece or two. While there.....ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!! I started doing Christmas shopping, and got wrapping paper!! My "Give Thanksgiving it's day" outer shell broke into a million tiny pieces.

Next I went to Target to buy some gift tags for the soon to be wrapped presents, but instead of getting in, and getting out.... I bought a few more gifts....It was over, because at that point, all I wanted to do was find a Christmas tree (which thank goodness the fresh cut trees aren't available yet), then run home put on Christmas flannel pants and sip wine, listen to music and decorate for Christmas!!! (This picture below didn't help! Sleigh rides around Northcross shopping Center)
What saved me from listening to Christmas music was the Georgia game on....but wait half time is here.....I don't want to listen to the ESPN announcers talk about other games.....oh wait.....Dish Network has a special channel just for Christmas music....just through half time....that's it.

My sister sends a text message about an hour and a half later with something about the game....Oh SHIT.... I am STILL listening to Christmas music!!!!

Well not only did I pull out decorations, I got creative for my wall about my fireplace!! I made my own artwork. I had the old painters canvas' that I just covered with red silk fabric last year, and hadn't done anything with them. So I pulled out my paints, dipped different sized glasses in them and put circles on them, then sewed on a few gold ornaments to it. I think it looks kind of fun, different, and kind of fabulous!! Haha, but that's the crazy me, drugged out on Christmas spirit.
Now here I sit, sipping out of a red Starbucks coffee cup and looking at the Christmas tree in Birkdale, and listening the the wonderful Christmas music in Starbucks....and I think I have finally just giving up on fighting the spirit.

Well...Thanksgiving, I will give you your day...I just had to have a few moments of early Christmas to myself!!!

Now off to watch the Movie "The Blind Side" by myself....I do love seeing a movie by myself every once in awhile.

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