Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Champion of Fashion

As they say, behind every good man there is a great woman. In Jimmie Johnson's case he's got one impeccably dressed woman. If you don't know who Jimmie Johnson is, he is the now five time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series winner. His wife Chandra is my fashion icon!

I don't usually write about NASCAR, as I work in this industry and like to keep my business (my job) and pleasure (blogging) separate, but in this case, fashion is also my pleasure and well, Chandra deserves just enough credit for dressing as her husband does for driving.

Let me give you a recap of Jimmie's Championship in pictures of Chandra's stunning dresses/ensembles.

First Championship down in the record books.....2006

Simply stunning with some edge. Can you say, someone knows how to accessorize? It all looks effortless, her hair, her makeup, the dress, the baubles. It is so much better than some of the other wives and girlfriends that look like they stepped off the Vegas show girls stage.

One is good, but two is twice as nice .....2007

Maybe it's the preppy in me, but show me plaid and you'll make me gasp with happiness. Chandra Johnson became my fashion icon with her 2007 ensemble. Again how effortless does she look, a plaid skirt, a white button down, and BAM...who's her husband....sorry I can't stop staring at her skirt. This is my favorite dress to date. Joan Rivers call me, lets do red carpet fashion talk about the NASCAR banquet. I have a crush on Chandra's closet...just sayin'.

Three times a Lady.....2008

Her husband can't be stopped on the race track, but damn it, his wife can't be beat on the red carpet. She just keeps getting it right time and time again. I won't lie, there are some starlets you see on red carpets that you hope just get it wrong just once, not Chandra, she's one of the women that you just can't wait to see what she's wearing. There is never a doubt that it is going to be spectacular. When you got it, you got it. The girls got style. Even though I am not a huge fan of pink, she actually makes me kind of like it.

Four and back for more.....2009

When NASCAR goes to Vegas, you expect tons of gaudy sequins and prom style hair (okay, I did see a few), but then here comes Chandra Johnson. Looking like a Grecian goddess in a a one shoulder dress. You can't see the detailing from this picture, but that's a zipper down the side. Holy hell, edgy and fabulous! When in Vegas always put your chips down for Chandra, the odds are always great that she will be the centerpiece of fashion desire.

FIVE, REALLY, FIVE in a row.....2010?!?

When Jimmie clinched the Championship, all I could think about was, oooo weeeeee what is she going to wear!!! I can't wait until next Friday night! It's going to be great I just know it. Everyone keeps saying how great Jimmie is, there is no denying him that, but you know how the Smithsonian has the First Lady's Inaugural ball dresses, The NASCAR Hall of Fame, needs a First Lady of NASCAR exhibit...seriously I would pay double the ticket price to look at these dresses. Chandra Johnson is to NASCAR as Jackie O' was to America, undeniable style, class, and grace.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleeping Chatty Cathy

"Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball!"

Does that sentence make sense? It may if you are watching a baseball game, or in a discussion about baseball, but if you wake up saying that, it doesn't make much sense.

That was my Tuesday night! I am a repeat (and apparently funny) repeat offender at being chatty in my sleep. It's more loud statements that eventually wake me up. I will share some of the better ones.....

"Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball"

I am told, that I wake up saying the above statement. When my boyfriend, not really understanding what I just said, asks, "What?". I repeat it, "Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball". Mike still not really understanding what I said asks again, "What?" I repeat it again. I apparently said "Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball" 4 times.

I vaguely remember any of this. All I know is what he told me when I finally came to from all the "baseball" talk. I have no clue what I was dreaming!

"Snakes in the house"

While visiting my sister and brother in-law down in Georgia. They had shown me the GON (Georgia Outdoor News) magazine, in which there was a story and picture of a 6 ft rattlesnake some guy had seen. Also that weekend, I had come upon a tiny baby snake in the garage, in which was a all out search and kill mission of me and my BIL.

During the night, I sit straight up in the bed, try to push the covers off and get out of the bed at the same time, say "Nuh uh, no snakes in the house". Of course this wakes Mike up, and it takes him a few seconds to get me to come to.

"Where is he?"

This time I starting saying out loud, "Where is he, where did he go?" several times. Mike gets me to come to, and he asked, who is he, being awake, but still groggy, and straight faced said, "The flying squirrel." I had been dreaming about a squirrel and couldn't find him.

"What? What? What?" (this one is slightly embarrassing)

I not only did I wake up Mike, but also woke myself up with a toot (the nice was of saying fart). I sit up and starting asking, "What? What? What?" as I had woken up in a panic. I had no clue that I tooted, but apparently it was forceful enough to wake us both up, and then me question what the hell just happened.

I did a little sleep talk research....

What is sleep talking?

Sleep talking, or somniloquy, is the act of speaking during sleep. It's a type of parasomnia -- an abnormal behavior that takes place during sleep. It's a very common occurrence and is not usually considered a medical problem.

The nighttime chatter may be harmless, or it could be graphic, even R rated. Sometimes, listeners find the content offensive or vulgar. Sleep talkers normally speak for no more than 30 seconds per episode, but some people sleep talk many times during a night.

The late-night diatribes may be exceptionally eloquent, or the words may be mumbled and hard to decipher. Sleep talking may involve simple sounds or long, involved speeches. Sleep talkers usually seem to be talking to themselves. But sometimes, they appear to carry on conversations with others. They may whisper, or they might shout. If you share a bedroom with someone who talks in his or her sleep, you might not be getting enough shut-eye.

Poor Mike...he "might not be getting enough shut-eye."

Here is the Dog version of me...

Monday, November 1, 2010


Today would've been my Daddy's 57th birthday. When you say the number out loud, it really slaps you in the face...that's young.

Instead of getting all sappy and sad about it. I will think of off the good memories we shared over his birthday. From the agonizing question of "What do we get Daddy for his birthday?" to spending hours on end in the card aisle looking for just the right card. I'm pretty sure after giving him his 50th birthday present, I got a speeding ticket in Perry, GA on the way back to Athens.

Well, to commemorate his birthday and celebrate his life, I decided to do something that I enjoy to do...BAKE. His favorite cake has always been coconut. I have never made one, or attempted to, but this year would be my first try at it. The end result looks great (see pic), but it took two tries at the 7 minute frosting.

7 Minute Frosting My Ass!! First try was a complete, lack luster fail. It never came out of the liquid state. The frosting went along with Halloween night as it was a trick, then a treat once try #2 was a success.

Making this was a team effort as Mike was on the phone and couldn't answer the doorbell ringing due to 'lil monsters, gobblins, and witches, so he would run in the kitchen grab the hand mixer out of my hand to keep it going (as you had to continuously beat for 7 min, ahem, 12 minutes). I would run to the door, with my best "Happy Halloween, No..I'm not dealing with frosting that is as temperamental as a Lindsay Lohan off coke" face on. Then give them handfuls of candy, then sprint back to the kitchen to take back over.

After attempt #2 was a success, my sister received a text message from me stating that "I made the 7 minute frosting MY BITCH".

After dusting it with coconut, I was quite proud. I just wished I would have tried to make this while he was alive, because I think this is a damn good cake....eating it tonight and raising my glass of whiskey (his favorite drink) to a good man's life. Miss him more than there are words in the dictionary.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Relationship Quotes and My $0.02

So on twitter I follow @ihatequotes. They have many quotes about break ups, relationships past, and a lot of other stuff that is influential in life. I have to admit, most of their break ups/relationships past quotes kind of bother me....I honestly think they are garbage! Let me break a few down for you.

1. Break-up. It's not like a twitch before dying. It's a generator! To grow stronger coz God knows you deserve someone better! #ihatequotes
Why I have an Issue With It:
"coz God knows you deserve someone better"...Here is my problem with that comment: It's saying that the person you formerly were with is a bad person, not worthy of your love. It's very bashing. My boyfriend has ex girlfriends, and if they were to say this, it would be as if they were bashing him as a human, and I find offense in that. He is a good person. Same goes with my ex's, they aren't bad people. It's not about finding someone "better" or more deserving of your love per se, it's more about finding someone that fits with your life, and that both people are happy when together. People have relationships, but as life evolves, our needs in relationships change, that's it. No one should claim that their Ex just didn't deserve them, because it's not about deserving, it just wasn't a match.

2. The most commonly broken promise: "I will love you forever." -@humsyourlife #ihatequotes
Why I have an Issue With It:
The problem I have with this, is because it isn't true. It's not a commonly broken promise. You will (should) love someone forever. Your love for someone has just changed. The issue is, many people don't know the difference between loving someone and being IN love with someone. I love my ex boyfriend (as in I do other friends, I want the best for him) , but I Love and am IN LOVE with my current (and better be final 'smiley face here').

3. DamnItsTrue You never really stop loving someone, you just learn to keep the feelings inside. #DamnItsTrue
Why I have an Issue With It: "you just learn to keep the feelings inside", you shouldn't keep the feelings inside. If you keep them inside you can never truly let go to be able to love again. Talk them out, even if it is to a brick wall.

4. Moving on is a sweet process of proving to others and yourself that you're off better without that person. -Scott McClellan #ihatequotes

Why I have an Issue With It: Moving on isn't about proving anything, it's about putting the past behind you and looking toward the future. If you are moving on strictly to prove something, it's not moving on, it's being stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to play the part, and never giving the next person a chance. Those that pose are constantly looking around to see who is looking(i.e. Seeing if Ex's notice and are jealous), and not looking at the person that they are currently with.

5. A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one. -M.K. Rawlings #ihatequotes
Why I have an Issue With It:I have never loved a bad man, but I am thankful for the Great one I have know. It goes back to bashing guys....why must you bash? Because it didn't work, does it make him a bad man? No. It means it didn't work . This makes women in failed relationship look like victims. Relationships fail, it's life. All failed relationships and decisions get you to where you are in life. For all of those failed things in my life, I am thankful.

I am someone's Ex, my boyfriend is someone's Ex, but we are both good people. Failed relationships got us to to where we are. I am thankful for his relationships in the past, as I hope he is of mine, because without those past loves and relationships, would we be who we are now, would we be where we are now. I wish everyone would stop playing the victim and accept that a failed relationship is a learning experience, as people we evolve. I am a different person at 28 than I was at 19 when I first fell in love, I am thankful for that, but I don't think less of the person I was in love with back then.

Some I do believe in:

You can go wherever you want. In the end, you'll always come back to those who are really meant for you. -@WilzKanadi #ihatequotes
Why I believe in it: If you only know the story of Mike and Kelly. :)

If you know why you fall in love, you aren't in love. -Luciano Pavarotti #ihatequotes
Why I believe in it: Mike has asked me before "Why do you love me?" My answer is always, "I don't know". Not because I am just avoiding the answer, it's because I honestly don't know. It's one of those things where every fiber of your being feels something for someone, that's what it was like shortly after I first met him so long ago. There was some pull. I can't describe it and it's hard to explain why I fell in love, I just fell.

My wish is that everyone would see the good in the people they once dated and loved. If you see the good in them, instead of focusing on the bad, then you will be able to find the good in someone else. Being bitter over failed relationships gets you nothing but a scowl on your face and wrinkles. No one wants premature wrinkles...so be happy that you had an opportunity to be apart of someone's life and they were apart of yours, hope only for the best for them, and use wrinkle cream.

But seriously, if you waste your time hating someone, you are wasting your time not truly loving someone. So LOVE them all, but be IN LOVE with one.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beware of standing water

I am not going to lie, I get enjoyment when I hear of others peeing in their pants from laughing. I have been reading Chelsea Handler's new book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and in the parts where she talks about having to hold herself while walking to the pier for "Dudley's" fake funeral, it really makes me nearly pee my pants. This reminds me of last summer's beach trip with my boyfriends friends, when I peed my pants while playing putt putt. And as Paul Harvey says...."The rest of the story"... After devouring the all you can eat seafood buffet, we hit Mutiny Bay to play a little putt putt. After one round, decide what the heck, lets do the other course. This course was an obstacle course, you spin the wheel and it tells you funny stuff to do. After we had been at it awhile, I get to one that tells me I have 10 seconds from the time I hit the ball to get it in the hole. I mean business....I take off my flip flops as I don't want that to hinder my quest. I whack the ball and start running to see where it stops.....it doesn't stop...I hit it so hard that it bounces off the designated "green" and hits the sidewalk and heads for the fence. It rolls past the chain link fence, which wouldn't have been so bad had it not been straight off a 20 ft wall and falls into the parking lot. I start laughing, and I hear Beth laughing and say I am going to pee. That's all it took. I am laughing so hard and dancing around and there it goes...I start peeing and the laughing won't let me stop...the shut off valve didn't work....so there I am a 27 year old with a big wet spot on my bright blue shorts and under me a puddle.... Did I tell you this is my first beach trip with these folks...I am quite embarrassed as I have to finish the putt putt course with pee pants. I am now 28 and still pee in my pants a little if I laugh to hard....I think its genetics. I really do appreciate hearing that other people have weak bladders when laughter is involved...so for that, Chelsea Handler...I am thankful for your stories and ability to pee in your pants when something funny happens. See photo to the left....that's from the putt putt place of incident...can you see why I peed in my pants...laughing, plus waterfall....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quilted Memories

Retailers put a price on clothes. A pair of slacks for $60. A pair of jeans $50. A T-shirt $15. The funny thing is, despite the price tag, the item of clothing is priceless. It has a perceived value as far as dollars go to the store selling it, but once you get it home and wear it, it has value far beyond the bar code.

*Life, love, and laughter - what priceless gifts to give our children*

When the tag is cut off, the shopping bags are thrown away. The real value sets in. A shirt worn on a family vacation, a pair of jeans worn on the tractor, A shirt worn on the last Christmas together, a sport coat worn on the last living weekend, a shirt that was worn on the last night on this earth. All of these items are items I remember my Daddy wearing. All the items have sentimental value beyond any price tag in the world.

*Our clothes are too much a part of us for most of us ever to be entirely indifferent to their condition: it is as though the fabric were indeed a natural extension of the body, or even of the soul. ~Quentin Bell*

They say you don't need alot of stuff, it's not like you can take it with you when you die. When someone dies, they don't need the things they've acquired over the years, but the people left behind do. Memories are what keep someone with you, memories keep you sane, memories are what remind you of what you had. Memories come in all sorts of packages, memories cling to all sorts of things.

*Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.*

After my dad died, I couldn't for see getting rid of his clothes. I just wanted to grab all the hangers off the rack and hug them all closely. I know there are needy people out there and that we should donate them, but in my mind, no one is worthy of wearing his clothes. My sister and I decided to pull all the pieces that had meaning to us and that memories were attached to. They are being made into a quilt. A quilt that I can look at and remember when he wore that shirt, jacket, or jeans. A quilt that will be a walk down memory lane. A quilt that brings my past to my future, to my future children so they can have a piece of their grandfather they won't get to know, but would have spoiled them rotten and adored them if he were alive.

*Blankets wrap you in warmth, Quilts wrap you in love*

Quilts are meant to bring warmth, but this quilt will not only bring warmth, it will bring comfort on the sad days, it will bring security on the hard days, and it will bring love to my soul every single day. On the days I miss my Daddy the most I can wrap it around me and feel his hug.

Shit....I have a headache now from all the crying....

Friday, August 6, 2010

My "I'm ready for Fall" Wish List

So a new season, brings about new needs, am I right or am I right?!? Fall brings about happy dancing memories of mums, pumpkins, football season, crispness in the air, and a glass of wine on the back porch surrounded by mums, pumpkins, crisp air, and pretty leaves...dang it...LEAVES...please refer to my previous blog "Pretty Leaves my ass". Anyway lets get by to the nice, pleasantries of Fall..... Thanks to the wonderful blog Possessionista I have fallen in like, maybe love down the "leaf covered" road with a pair of shoes....these shoes....See Possessionista's blog on themI will probably ride out this desire to purchase and focus a little more on say....devising a plan to save time, energy, and my back on raking leaves....What if I put down fish netting all the way around my tree....then pick them up all at once...would that work?!?! Just an idea...I FREAKING hate raking leaves....and now I suddenly dread the fall....these shoes have turned happiness into shear and utter dread. Leaves....%@#$^#$%&#$^*#%^#%....okay I can now breathe and get on with my day...I just had to get that out of my system! Peace, Love, and I HATE LEAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spanx you very much

Is it love?Is it hate? Or is it indifference? That is the question(s). I tried on a dress this morning, albeit the only article that still remains from high school (If I find a picture of me in it from HS later, I will post). It still fits, but just a little snug in the hips (which is surprising, because I actually have narrow man hips). So my light bulb goes off.....SPANX... yep that'll do the trick. They worked, but before I left for work, I needed to go to the bathroom, which requires you to pretty much undress every time you go to the bathroom (because they need to be pulled all the way up to the bra line). After the extremely time consuming potty run before heading out the door, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror as I had pulled the Spanx up. They were just over my hips. I will say, that had to be to the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. It was like everything starting above my knees was being jacked up my body and pooled right at my mid section. Holy Hell!!! Spanx should now come with a warning....DO NOT...I REPEAT, DO NOT look at your self in the mirror while trying to put your rear into them. It may cause heart failure, or extreme dieting. Side note: I will not be drinking my 64 oz. of water today, because I can't handle getting a full body work out, nor having to undress every time I need to go to the bathroom. Spanx, I love you because you helped me wear a 10 year old dress (not a dress for a 10 yr old, but a dress that I bought 10 years ago) Spanx, I hate you because I saw what I looked like putting them on Spanx, I am indifferent towards you because you did keep me motivated on my quest to shed a few unwanted lbs. Peace, Love, and SUCK IT IN!! (See even skinny Celebs are Spanxing- So I don't feel so fat)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just around the corner....

IS VACATION!!! Whoop Whoop..Yes, I am dancing on the inside, but calmly typing on the outside. Every year my boyfriend and two of his friends from High School (the group grows as people get married and have babies) go on a beach trip late August. Last year was my first time joining the group. There are 6.25 people going (the 1/4 of a person is Abby, she's just a little of a year old and still compact size and precious). Last year we went to North Myrtle Beach were there is an endless supply of putt putt courses and piss (I pissed in my pants while playing putt putt...I am not proud of this, but it is still dang funny...don't make me laugh too hard...I tend to leak...in this instance the shut off valve was broken.....there was a puddle) This year we are opting for a more serene location.....drum roll please....dom...dom...dom...dom... (that's my typed version of the drum roll)........Holden Beach, NC. (reference Red dot please) I am very excited this is the first time I will have been to a North Carolina beach...EVA! But I am not very excited that I will be forced to watch Shark Week on Discovery this week, and to boot...when I googled images for Holden Beach this shiz came up..... (FYI...not for weak stomachs) ....accompanying article If it wasn't official last night after watching people in Cali get eaten by sharks, it is after seeing this article and picture....KELLY'S ASS SHALL STAY UPON THE SAND....I might splash around in water deep enough to cover my feet, but that's it...If anyone wants to go swimming at their own risk that's fine, if you need a beer I will throw you one from the beach! I don't want to be shark bait!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I want my shake with a side of Frye's

Everyone has a little big of wiggle when the walk....if you don't, you better start putting your hips in it!!

But hey, I would rather accentuate my "shake" with some Frye boots. I will give it to them...they made some dang good looking boots! It makes me beg for Fall and Winter...I want it here ASAP, but I don't want colder weather without these AMAZING boots. Here are a few of my favorite in some Celeb sightings....
Anne Hathaway from Frye's Facebook page

Katherine Heigl from Frye Facebook Page
And a FAVorite of mine...
January Jones from Frye's Facebook page
Check all their boots out on The Frye Company website

Dear Mother Nature,

First, will you make money grow on trees so that I can afford a pair, and after that, make the weather suitable for boots!!

Your the best,

Do your ears hang low?

On Sunday I feel in love with a set of ears. What was attached to those ears was a black/tan/ and white bloodhound mix puppy, with eyes that said take me home and cuddle with me and tie my ears in a knot (not cruelly, just as I sing the song...can you tie 'em knot, can you tie 'em in a bow)

I named him Clampett, you know from Beverly Hillbillies. It just seems so fitting doesn't it. I didn't bring him home, but if you know anyone that is interested, he has a brother that looks just like him, and a sister that is a redbone color.

They are available at The Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas where doggie kisses are always free.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Standing puddles causes spinning

You read the title and probably are trying to figure out what this is about. Well my friends, it's about a term calling hydroplaning. The definition that wikipedia gives me is this: Hydroplaning (tires), a loss of steering or braking control when a layer of water prevents direct contact between road vehicle or aircraft tires and the road or runway surface. At this point, cars can slide across the top of the water like a skier until their momentum decreases enough where they sink or they reach the other side of the road.

Here is my version of the term:

Driving down I-75 in Georgia. Me and my sister, and my sister's friend (who ended up being my roommate and now best friend), are heading to our house in South Georgia, from Athens for the weekend. Please note that this is Daniela's (our friend) first trip down to the country. About two hours into the drive and about one hour left in the trip, it starts raining so hard, and next thing you know, my car turns towards the inside wall of the interstate. I thought we were going to hit head on, then something happens and then we head back across over three lanes of traffic towards the trees along side the interstate. We managed to slide across the interstate without hitting anything. All I could see was rows of pine trees ahead of us....I had a brief flash that this was it, I was about to meet my maker. The mud kind of turns my car to the side and then we smack the tree then bounce back and kind of sink in the mud. After a few seconds of catching our breath again, and actually being able to get words out, we get out of the car. I immediately go to look at the damage....

I keep looking, and keep looking....there isn't a damn scratch....what just happened...I am scratching my head at this point. I trek through the mud to look at the tree. I can't see any marks, but I do see a stumpy knob growing off some of the root of the tree...holy crap....my tire hit that and bounced of the tree....
It was a miracle....I can't remember who, but someone in the car saw a flash of a semi heading straight at us, but we managed to miss it, we missed all the traffic....we hit NOTHING! How did that happen?!?

As we sit there going, what the heck do we do now. I call my dad, because what else do I do when something car related happened. We call 911, and they sent out a cop. My car is stuck in the mud, there is no driving out. While we wait for help, I see a car pulled over on the road not very far away. I run down there and I am like "OH MY GOSH! Did I hit you?" The lady looked at me dumbfounded and replies "What, I am having car trouble?" She didn't even see us stuck in the mud and thought I was crazy. Well I will settle with crazy if I didn't get slapped with fixing someones car.

So we called a wrecker prior to the cops getting there. The cops told us to get out of the rain and sit in the back of the car. While we waiting one cop decides he thinks he can drive my car out. He said I know it's illegal to call a wrecker then leave, but he said I don't want you to have to pay for a good tug, because that's all that it needed. The cop tried and tried, but to no avail.

Guess what...here is where it get funnier...between three college students, how much cash do you think is in the car?!?! A full total of less than $20. So the wrecker pulled me out then told me it would be $4o. I asked if he took checks, he said cash only....ummmm...dude it's either you take less than $20 cash or you take a check...he took the check. We all got lectured from out parents about carrying emergency cash for such a thing. Oooops....we spent it on beer the week before :)haha

It was all a miracle, that much I know...but we have all had laughs that day and any time this memory comes up!!

PS. It was brought to my attention by one of the participants that I forgot to mention the little fact that before the hydroplaning, all three of us had to use the ladies room, and after the spin we were shocked that no one pissed their pants. Needless to say, after the whole debacle and about an hour later and were able to get back on the road and legs tightly crossed, we stopped at the first exit and used the most god awful bathroom EVER!! (If you know me, you know it's a miracle in itself that I DIDN'T pee in my pants...I tend to do that...especially if I laugh really really hard)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Attire Talk

No, I am not getting married! No, I am not engaged! But.....I do have an opinion...come on, you know this...it's me we are talking about. I always have an opinion. Here it is....

Brides spend ooo-goodles of money on a dress that you WILL NEVER wear again and then when it comes to shoes, most are like who cares, you aren't going to see my feet much anyway. Well, here are my thoughts. When it comes to budgeting for wedding attire, spend 20% of your attire budget on dress and 80% on your SHOES!!!

So when my day comes, it'll be...hello David's Bridal $99 dress sale, and HELLO Christian Louboutin(see above picture), Manolo, or Jimmy Choo! Face it, we all want a fancy pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, who wants a ridiculously expensive dress you can only look at hanging in the closet taking up space!! You can always remember the day that started your journey when you slip on your special shoes...because, if they have red bottoms then they are SPECIAL!!

Think about it like this: Wedding versus Marriage

A wedding is one day and you will wear that dress once, and most likely will be out of style in the coming years. A marriage is suppose to last a lifetime, and that's a lot of miles you will be trekking with your intended. Make your feet look pretty with shoes that never go out of style!!

I won't lie...I have already looked at shoes...looking at dresses before engagement is bad luck...but there is no harm in looking at shoes....

Christian Louboutin: Sparkly Prefection or the I love you, but I love the shoes more (Not really, but maybe just a little) or the We could be best friends for life ...the one's I would love and cherish forever and forever, and may wear to bed every night are pictured above (Yes, SATC 2 ones).

My favorite Jimmy Choo's : Sparkly black, Sparkly Silver Ankle Strap, Strappy and metallic..oh my and best and most expensive for last

ManoLO LO LO : The ever famous "Something Blue" in the Manhattan closet or the "Someone took my shoes", "She made us take our shoes off at the door" shoes

And lest we not forget Prada- "I've taken a LOVA"

With all that said, is it "Diamonds are a girls best friend", or is it "a designer pair of shoes are a girls best friend"!

Friday, June 4, 2010

There is only one Vegas

So peeps...we need to have a talk. I need to get a pet peeve off my sleeve. Once upon a time, a really drunk, fun person that loved to gamble decided to build a place called Las Vegas...there is no other place like it, despite others' efforts. There will never be another place like it, and most certainly every town across America, will not ever be Las Vegas. (Okay not sure how Vegas was started, but I like my theory...and hats off to the person that created Vegas, because I am pretty sure without it, my favorite game, Craps, would not exist...so Cheers!! See you again soon, I promise!) Back to my point, I get really tired, annoyed, and kind of like "Dude/Dudette you aren't as cool as you think you are" when people take the first letter of their city of choice (whether it be where they grew up, went to college, live now, or just might be going to for a weekend) and attach "Vegas" to the end of it. Oh, you know these people, and the facebook era has increased this usage, because of status updates people ACTUALLY think we care what they are doing, and think they should up their cool factor (which they aren't) by throwing in, "Heading to G'Vegas this weekend" or "Don't you wish you were here in Val'Vegas". (okay I know the last one is more than the first letter, but this is for Valdosta, Ga, I've heard this one alot, and have held my tongue this long) Hey Dip Shit...do you have gambling, do you serve drinks while I roll dice, are your bars/clubs/restaurants open 24 hrs a day, can you buy a Louis Vuitton and a hooker on the same city block, do you have caged lions, do you have a water fountain show (and no I don't mean the token city drunk peeing in the town square fountain), do you have BETTE MIDLER...since you can't say yes to any of the questions, please NEVER SAY (insert letter here)'VEGAS ever again! Please and Thank you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speeding...I am going to claim it's hereditary

Seriously... I think it is. Did you know my father? Have you met his brother? Apparently ride shotgun with my uncle and you will be crying prayers to sweet baby Jesus, or so says my brother in law!

Well, I got my second ticket in over 6 months Easter weekend.
The previous one was Labor day weekend. Guess what, both were in the tragic and unfortunate state that is South Carolina. Side note: I really hate the palmetto state! There are plenty of good reasons, just to name a few...HIGHWAY PATROL, terrible roads, Steve Spurrier (okay that's a tick against the state of Florida also), and a few other's I won't publicly list :) Anyway, the two tickets, put SC on the top of my most disliked states. I truly believe the only thing going for it is the beaches...seriously if they didn't have a coast they would be screwed!

Back to the point of the blog entry...speeding. I had a really good run there for awhile. The last speeding ticket prior to the labor day one was in Athens, Ga in the Summer of 2003, or it could have been the one I got in Perry, Georgia coming back from the Ga/Fla game, but I can't remember when that one was. Needless to say, I am not new to the blue flashing lights and the pretty pastel slips of paper. Should I do the laundry list?!?! I may not be able to remember the exact order, but here goes a try.
1. 80 in a 55, Junior year of High School (1999), coming home from babysitting to go to the football game (I was the team statistician...who else was going to keep up with who ran/threw how many yards...I had to be there on time)

2. 55 in 35, end of freshman year of college (2001), boyfriend at the time was moving out of dorm, and I took his friend to go get food(a guy named Corona-he even asked me loudly with the cop standing there...where's the nearest dunkin donuts, seriously that's when the warning flew out of reach)

3. 80 in a 70, on I-75 through speed trap that is Perry, Ga. I was so tired and coming back from a loooong weekend in Jacksonville, FL. I think it may have been fall of 2003.

4. Ran a stop sign in some ghetto off of I-20 in Atlanta on the way to six flags, I swear that I didn't see it, and went to court and got out of it (Cop was a no show)

5. 51 in a 35, literally 2 days after the stop sign ticket, in Athens, GA, not a mile from my apartment on College Station.

So the last one was sometime in 2003. I went a good 6 years without a blip, a warning, and then bam, 2 in 6 months.

Well, I have never heard of getting a lawyer for a traffic violation, but up here in the Carolina's, it's apparently what everyone does. I got my first lawyer, and I didn't have to show up to court, he got my ticket reduced, and all I had to do was send a check for my ticket amount. I should have had an Staples "That was easy" button to smack.
So for now on, me and my Cruise control are going to have a very close and loving relationship! I HOPE!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ugly Betty brings on Goodbyes

I thought it was great. I couldn't have pictured a better ending. I like the somewhat assumption that Daniel and Betty end up together.

I did feel that when Betty said good bye to her family it might get sappy. It did for me, as she was going down the line of family members, I started picturing her dad on the end, and I started sobbing. Of course, her dad was the last person she said good bye too. Memories came flooding back to my mind of my last day of living in South Georgia and in the only home I have ever known and moved 6 hours away. I remember saying goodbye to my dad, I remember knowing I could never tell him everything I wanted to say, so I left a letter laying on his pillow for him to find later, and I remember the tears.

I hate good byes, I really wish I never had to say goodbye to my dad on that day or on the day he died. It's really until we meet again.

Okay, whoa....I didn't think that talking about a TV show would bring about such emotions. See that's the funny thing about TV. It's meaningless shows, but they stir about personal emotions and relate able experiences.

Oh well, farewell "Ugly Betty", your craziness, fashion, eccentric story lines will be missed.

Friday, April 9, 2010

National Rifle Association

I'm a card carrying member of the NRA! Yessiree!

I got an email about joining an NRA wine club.....YAY...Wine and Guns!! whoop whoop!!
Sign me up!!! My first shipment will get here in about 1 to 2 weeks. 6 bottles for $6.99 a piece, what a discount. I can't beat that for a good bottle of wine at my local Harris Teeter.

So for all the liberals that think that the NRA is bad and want to take away gun rights...Suck it....I am going to sip wine and knock a deer off it's feet, and what you gonna do about it...NOT A DAMN THING!!!

Uncork, pour, swish, sniff, and sip, sip, sip, sip. Don't forget pow, pow, pow!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glee-fully broke down

So, i just broke down today, and watched my very first episode of the hit show "Glee". Well I must say I was impressed. They included a sing off from one of my favorite musicals/plays (only one I have ever seen on Broadway), Wicked. I love me some WICKED!!! Green, green, everywhere!!
It had a good message about accepting people with handicaps, and ended with a number to "Proud Mary" where everyone "keeps on rolling down the river"

Okay, I broke down and I liked it!!

Dachshunds and Wheelchairs

Today in the office, we some how got on the topic of houses. I mentioned that when I was house shopping, I was very interested in a ranch home (which I ended up purchasing). One reason I did this, is because of my dog. I have a Dachshund named Gus. He will be six this November. Ever since I got him, the veterinarian has been clear that I must keep him at a good weight. I have also heard that it isn't good for them to jump off higher places or climb stairs (enter the reasoning for wanting a ranch). It's so hard to keep my little guy from jumping off steps or ledges, etc, but I can keep him from having to climb stairs on a daily basis.

Dachshund's tend to have a lot of back trouble as they get older, and need very expensive surgery (need to start saving now). They may have to be in a wheelchair post op also. I watched these videos a while ago, and wanted to share. If you have a wiener dog, you may tear up, because it's really sad, but it's also kind of cute and funny, as some of these dogs don't know it's even back there. We should learn from this....don't let bad experiences keep you down, just roll with the punches!

So if you have a doxie, try to keep them lean and safe!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parking with a side of blame

Today I decided to meet a former co-worker for lunch in uptown Charlotte.

As I maneuvered around the one way and some NO way streets of Charlotte, I landed what I thought to be a perfect parking spot in a great garage locale. It was just up the street from where I was going. Seriously about a one-two minute walk!

After lunch, I head back to my (perfect) parking spot and try to exit the garage. I hand the chick my ticket and expect to pay $5 ($3 for the first half hour, then $2 for every half hour after). I handed her my debit card at the same time I handed her my ticket. She runs my ticket, card, and as I look at the sign showing how much I owed, it said $20. I ask her before she hands me the receipt to sign, how much she charged me, she reaffirmed what I saw was true, she charged me $20 (the max amount if you stay the entire day). I asked her why, she said I had been parked for 700 something minutes. I was like "WHAT"!! I have only been here an hour...TOPS! Really only 57 minutes! Anyway, apparently the machine read the ticket wrong. My ticket said I got there at 12:18, and I told her well, it's only 1:16!! No more than an hour.

Inserting side note: lots of cars are lining up to leave at this point.

She has to call someone and ask what to do, as she mentioned to me, she was new! Thanks for the vote of confidence, that you can refund the $15 extra you ran my card for. As she has figured out I only owe $5 and is still speaking with a supervisor on how to handle a refund, I see in my side mirror that a gentleman in the far east Indian nationality, steps out of his car and approach my window offering to pay or something, saying that I was going to cost him his job, and the job of the guy in the car with me. I really don't know what he expected of me because my hands were tied! The chick still had my debit card, I couldn't move my car because the gate was still closed, and I WANTED MY DAMN MONEY BACK!!

Eventually she received clearance to just give me $15 in cash back for my refund. Finally she gives me the receipt to sign, then my card and cash back. Problem solved, but I am sort of pissed at the retard behind me! Here is my message to him:

Excuse me sir, if you and your lunch buddy are going to lose your jobs because of the lady messing my parking up, then I have news for you....It's your fault. If you are in a job where you can get fired for returning to lunch late, then don't go to a place in uptown where you must park in a garage to eat!!!!! Or maybe you should have cut your lunch 5 minutes short to take into consideration for parking (it's lunch, and there MAY be a line) or traffic. So Sir, it's it your fault, and don't go blaming me because you have poor time management skills! Also yell at the lady in the parking booth! NOT ME!!!!!!

I really hate people sometimes! They act like their lives are so much more important than anyone else, and that I wanted to be the one that the lady messed up on! Seriously, I didn't expect or want to be sitting there that long either.

Mr Indian man in your silver car in the preferred parking deck near McCormick and Schmidt's, KISS MY WHITE ASS, and I kind of hope you get in trouble at your job, because you dear sir, ARE AN ASS!!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be Professional Please

So here is my current issue with people! Professionalism!!

This is an incident that really set me off, and gasp at the same time:

Setting: The Wynn/Las Vegas/NASCAR Awards week

Issue: someone of (not mentioned agency) for (Championship) sponsor, was walking around on the casino floor with a nice dress on, BUT NO SHOES!!!

Here is the conversation I want to have with this not mentioned person: Honey, Honey, Honey, pull your shit together!! I don't give a damn how bad the shoes hurt your feet! Put them back on and suck it up. Fashion is pain! When you are attending a company event, you don't take your shoes off! Slap on some band aids and keep on trucking! There are NO exceptions to wearing shoes! Shoes...NOT OPTIONAL...MANDATORY!

There are a few other tidbits I want to share with others on professionalism in my opinion.

1. Travel attire. If you are traveling on the company dime, please wear something pulled together. I am not telling you to wear a suit, keep it in line with normal office attire. Sweatshirt, jeans and flip flops is not acceptable!! You don't know who you will come across, for God's sake take pride in yourself and the company you represent.

2. Pictures on Facebook of playing at work. Seriously, I can't believe I even have to mention this, but yes, I have come across this. For goodness sake, don't take a picture of you goofing off and playing around at the track. Being at the track is work!! Put on your big girl pants and stop taking posey pose (STUPID) High school pictures of yourself.

These things bother me mainly because I don't have a job and unprofessional people have them. I know how to handle myself at, away, and traveling for work. I don't see why others don't get this!!!

Okay...that was my soap box for today!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reasons why today was a good day

1. I took a shower

2. I didn't have to press the shock button to my dogs collar (yet!)

3. The new Southern Living issue arrived in the mail today

4. I got called to come in for an interview tomorrow

5. I got a letter from unemployment saying I got an extra week tacked on the end of my extension (just in case the interview goes to the shitter tomorrow, I will need that)

6. I haven't gone completely comatose from Dayquil and Nyquil

7. I finished the book Such a Pretty Fat, by Jen Lancaster (recommended read)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday to Remember

So I returned from my long red eye back from Vegas at about 8 am. Well due to the snow storm that hit the Carolinas while I was away, Charlotte and surrounding areas were white!

When I got to my car at Long Term 2 Parking, it was covered with ice and snow. I had to scrape, and then scrape some more. After all that, the roads were manageable...Thank you City of Charlotte.

When I finally get home...NOT a thank you to the city of Huntersville, as they did not salt the road and cul de sac of the main road that goes to my house.

Attempt #1. I drive to my house like I normally do. But don't make it up the hill as my car starts sliding backwards

Attempt #2. I back down the hill and get my tires dry, and then gun it and aim up the hill and into my drive way. SUCCESS!!! I made it into my driveway. I park and pull the emergency brake, sit in the car for a bit, and well, all seems well, its not moving.

I go into my house with my bags and unpack, change out of my clothes that I have on since I left Vegas. Let my dog out and feed him. Just normal stuff I do around the house in the mornings. As I walk past my large front window and look out, I DON'T SEE MY CAR!!!! Well I could see it when it WAS PARKED IN MY DRIVEWAY!!!! I grab the first shoes I could find (bedroom shoes) and run out the door with my keys. I see two neighbor girls that were at home because school was closed, they were coming over to tell me that they saw my car rolling down the hill. I looked at the little girl horrified and asked, "Did it hit anything?" She said no that it just stopped in the middle of the road.


About 5 hours later when the sun had been out for awhile and melted the snow of the road, I was able to drive it back up the hill, this time to park in on the culdesac behind my boyfriends "extra" car (it's a POS). This time I think it's not going anywhere, at least if it rolls it will hit his car and not go anywhere.

After about 30 minutes I look out the window to see how it's doing, oh What the HECK....it's touching his car! It slid yet again.

What fun? After that I spent the rest of the day de-icing my driveway with a shovel and water, and I was finally able to get the car up the driveway and into the garage.

What a birthday!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Trip to Vegas

“Happy Birthday make a mess, Happy Birthday wear a dress, “is the text message I got from my sister the night before we depart for Vegas. If this is any indication, Vegas won’t know what hit it! Why you ask?
Because first, It’s the Annual Girl’s Birthday trip.
Second, my sister turns 30.
Third, my sister, drunk, in Vegas!!! My sister is the type that will grab your drink and finish it if you are taking too long to finish it yourself. You may ask what is too long. Well, to my sister if you are sipping on your cocktail of choice like a sophisticated lady instead of guzzling it like a freshman sorority girl, then you are taking too long. Just think, if you are gambling, the drinks are free, which will equal a very drunk Rachel!!
Fourth, two redheads and one Italian, experiencing Vegas together in adulthood. My sister and I were both in Vegas together once, but we both were still wearing kids clothes. I have been to Vegas twice in adulthood, and Daniela has been to Vegas a few times in adulthood as well. But, we will be going together this time.
We arrive noon Vegas time on Friday and leave at 11 pm Sunday night. I don’t feel like doing the math on how many hours that is, because frankly I woke up at 5:30 AM and am on a plane (posting when I change planes in Houston, cause NO Continental Airlines doesn’t have wifi), and haven’t had enough coffee to make my brain function yet.
Oh yeah, and I strategically picked seat 1A on my flight to Houston so that I could be the first off the plane. I am a person that really hates waiting (trying to work on the patience thing in life, flying patience will be attended to later), so I like to sit as close to the door as possible so that I can get off the plane quickly and not have to wait for all the slow people to get their luggage out of over head bins. Well, due to some weight balance issues they had to move people. Okay, just me! I am not sure if I should be offended that my weight is throwing off an entire airplane. Hmmmm…..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Year One

I made it, I actually survived it. Who would have thought it? I didn’t, and guess what; there wasn’t medication beyond month one.

I lost my Daddy (any man can be a father, but only a special person can be a Daddy) a year ago today. A piece of me died with him. I won’t lie, I really wanted to curl up and go with him. I never thought I would know this world without him. Of course, I didn’t want to know this world without him in it, what little girl wants to experience marriage without her Dad giving her away on her wedding day? What girl wants to bear children without their grandfather to dote on them? I won’t lie, I felt cheated out of life the day he died.

Here is the weird part; the reality of him being gone has never set in. I still wake up every day still in shock…"holy shit, he is really not here anymore”. It’s like the movie “50 first dates.” I am sure that it’s me trying to cope and of course, having a major case of denial. Who wants to start facing reality that one of the most Important people in your life, someone you consider a best friend, a person that is an inspiration in your life, is no longer on this earth. So I think to myself, he's not really dead, he just went on one of his trips to Biloxi, this time for extended gambling!

I wish I could have better memories that run through my mind, but I am conflicted with rerunning his last day over and over. The memories of the hospital, the looks on everyone’s faces when my sister and I arrived to the hospital, the thoughts running through my mind when the doctor talked, me wanting to shake to doctor to speak English and not medical, I remember thinking over and over, “this can’t be happening”, and the I remember just wanting to run out of the building and get as far away as possible. If I am not there then it’s not happening!
Despite all that, I survived “Year One” without my Daddy. His phone number is still saved in my phone, but I survived, didn’t say I was willing to change some things!! Check back and see how “Year Two” goes. Maybe next year I can report that I can go back to wearing regular/non water proof mascara on a daily basis.

“You can shed tears that he is gone, or you can smile because he has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all he's left. Your heart can be empty because you can't see him, or you can be full of the love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember him only that he is gone, or you can cherish his memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back. Or you can do what he'd want: smile, open your eyes, love, and go on.”

Thursday, January 7, 2010

College Game Day...The Big Finale

Today is the big day in college football. The day that all teams start out in August working toward, it's here.

Of course I am always sad when my UGA Bulldawgs aren't it in, but I am always happy when there is a SEC team in the game to represent our conference.

Everyone is getting pumped up for tonight's game, even celebrity spawn...Matthew McConaughey, who is very showy of his Texas Longhorn pride, even decked his son out in gear.
Hats off (A hounds tooth fedora to be exact) to AlaBAMA tonight. Bring it on home and keep in in the SEC!!
All bets on the Longhorns getting Roll(tide)ed over tonight!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sex and The City- EPISODE 1

Do you remember it?

I don't really remember the content, I just remember that it was horrible! The filming format was just terrible. They all talked to the camera, as if it was a documentary. I just watched it, as TBS is starting over again from the very beginning. She met "Big" in the first episode, I had totally forgot about that.
I love the revisions they made after the pilot. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your changes, without them, the show would have never made it past Season 1 and become the MEGA hit it is now.

Can you imagine if we had to deal with them staring into the camera to tell us their thoughts? Carrie's voice overs were fabulous. Her thoughts and columns were shared to us via a voice over.

Oh well, you must go watch it if you aren't sure what I mean (I tried to find link to it on here, but I guess HBO did a good job from keeping clips of youtube)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wanting: Bad or Good thing?

Life is about wanting what you have, not having what you want, right? Well come on, we all have to want something more than what we have, otherwise we wouldn’t strive to work harder to get it. I know some people probably work harder at cheating to get what they want instead of putting time and effort it to achieving it.

Well here are my wants, some realistic, some frivolous, some practical, and some downright absurd (who really needs a $800 pair of Louboutins, but every girls dreams having a pair in her closet, and to be honest…do you store them sole up?)

My #1 2010 want:
1. A JOB (and with this I might be able to get some of the things below, and in no particular order)

My Retail wants for 2010 (some of these are a reoccurring thing…will most likely be on 2011 as well)
1. Louis Vuitton purse
2. Kuerig coffee maker (told myself when I get a new job it will get one as a gift to me…I will be getting up early again and need a coffee maker that requires little effort)
3. Kitchen Aid Mixer (most likely won’t get this until I get married…so who knows…will 2010 be the year?) I really want a mixer…see a prior post (A Mixer Proposal)
4. A new bed for my king size mattress and box springs (head board and foot board….foot board the most important…I don’t like for my comforter to slip off)
5. Really expensive pair of shoes
6. A new dryer…my current one puts black marks on my clothes…it’s also the same dryer that use to dry my clothes when I was still in kid sizes.
7. A pair of Uggs… I have the knock offs and starting to want the real thing…I think my best friend made me want them when she got them for Christmas.
8. I KNOW MOST OF MY 1-7’s won’t happen anytime soon…or EVER!!!

My 2010 projects
1. Build fire pit area in backyard
2. Re-Tile master bath shower
3. Train my dog…he’s five and I have been trying to do this for 5 years now…maybe a shock collar will be the magic trick!

My 2010 Politically correct wants
1. World Peace (this should now entitle me to receive some pageant crown…correct?)

What do you want this year?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions

These are bars that we set really high for ourselves and then in a month or two forget about it. I would like to make not so much resolutions, but try to take actions to do things better, be a nicer person, not stress as much, etc. Here are the things I would really like to do:

After the last year (my Father died unexpectedly in January, and I lost my job in early March) Let's just say that 2009 goes down as a year I want to forget. I spent most of 2009 crying and carrying a handkerchief with me wherever I go. So first thing on the list to do for 2010: STOP F'ING CRYING ALL THE TIME.

I love receiving mail. I don't know why, I love going to the mailbox and I get really disappointed to not have anything in there (even bills, which sounds crazy because no one like bills). So I want to share that excitement this year, I have made a list already with 52 slots for names, one for each week of the year (this year trying to accomplish at least one a week...if I do well, I will step it up in 2011). So second thing on the list to do for 2010: SEND HAPPINESS VIA USPS TO 52 DIFFERENT AND DESERVING PEOPLE.

During the holiday season I feel like I became a much nicer person, I would let people in line go in front of me if I hadn't made a decision, I would hold doors for people, I asked people if they needed help, I said Merry Christmas to several strangers, I let a car having a hard time turning go while I waited. So third thing on the list to do for 2010: BE NICE TO COMPLETE STRANGERS ALL THE TIME...NOT JUST THE HOLIDAYS.

I have realized through this blog that I love writing, and I don't think that I write enough. I want to make my self write at least once if not twice a week on here. (Share my website with whoever you know...my life is crazy and sometimes my words are blunt...enjoy) So fourth on the list to do for 2010: BLOG MORE OFTEN

Well I think that's enough, I think if I overload myself with things then I will start slacking off. So the KISS method it is (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Hopefully everyone will pick a few things to do better and do for others in 2010. I think 2010 should be the year for doing for others!

To some of my friends, yes this is really me, the pessimistic, "I hate the world", go suck on an egg, bitter, ME! Just trying to be better to others!