Monday, November 2, 2009

Need a Dentist!?!?

Go to Welborne, White and O'Leary if you are in the Lake Norman area.

I chipped a tooth on Friday, chewing freaking Halloween candy...Yes, bitter about it! I officially don't like Halloween anymore after my Friday! Another blog post will follow in more detail.

This morning I went it to get it fixed, afterwards he told me...No charge, just refer us to a friend.

Seriously, Seriously...that is freaking awesome...I really thought this was going to be the most expensive Halloween ever!!

So here is there info:

Welborne, White, and O'Leary
9700 Caldwell Commons Circle Cornelius, NC 28031

Call them! Tell them I sent you!!

1 comment:

CAC muffin said...

you know the "white" is brad's brother!!!