Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As I enjoy my morning Snicker doodle Coffee, I was just checking some favorite sites. I noticed that there is a wig being marketed for Halloween....The lovely, chopped up, two toned, I'm am trying to be a celebrity mom hair cut wig....Don't know yet?!?!?!?

Well it's none other than Kate Gosselin, of Jon and Kate (divorced) plus 8.
I was thinking what a great, great, Halloween costume, October 31st is not far away, so we should all start planning!!

So here is the idea I have put together for Halloween, anyone wanting to use this, feel free, unless we will be at the same event, then I will beat you down like Kate beats down Jon!!!

First you have to get the wig.

Second you have to get an outfit from her lovely clothing sponsor, Ann Taylor Loft

Third you will need to find 8 Asian baby dolls, 2 (Kara and Maddie) can be bigger than the other 6.

Fourth you will need a set of testicles to hang around your neck, with a sign that says "Jon, if you want these back, take out that stupid earring"

You should rack up on the candy, I mean hell, ya got 8 kids tagging along with you!!

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CAC muffin said...

i love this idea you crack me up! PS Iam in LOVE with the snickerdooble coffee YUM!