Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phone Line to Heaven

Dear God,
I need you to do me a favor. I need to set up a way for me to call Heaven. I need you to figure it out with Sprint (they have this Now network with 4 G something or another-Seriously that should be in signal reach), Alltel (Daddy has been a loyal customer since Bag phones, I am sure they would do it for a valuable customer), Verizon (I can try shouting "Can you hear me now" until I get a response), or AT&T! I don't know who would have the best Earth to Heaven calling plan, but surely you can figure it out with Technology the way it is these days. I mean if it needs to be the old fashion phone line...that works for me to.
See the reason I need it is because when I have car issues, I HAVE TO speak to my Daddy. It's just our thing. I have a flat, I have a check engine light on...I CALL HIM. When I was in college I called him after I blew out two tires in one try (I wasn't really trying, the curb just snuck up on me!) Well of course I called him. His response was "Well what I am suppose to do?" The thing was he was 3 hours away and on a tractor in the middle of the field. His question was ver appropriate, what was he suppose to do, nothing really, I just always felt the need to call my Daddy when in a crisis (and blowing two tires at once...that defines as crisis...considering I only have one spare tire). I mean it could be as simple as the last "Car Conversation" my dad and I ever had, which 3 days before he died. "Daddy, when I got my oil changed last time, they left the oil cap off, is that going to do major damage?" He said I shouldn't worry (so if anyone else experience's this-don't stress out, according to the Great Late Roy Lumsden).
This week has been one of those. Last Wednesday I had a flat on the side of I-85 north in south Carolina (see-http://bulldawgbelle.blogspot.com/2009/05/daimler-chrysler-take-your-jack-and-go.html) then after I get my tire repair yesterday, my car started shaking uncontrolably, so I take it in to get seen about. They do $300 worth of work and the problem still exists, take it back today and apparently I got gas from a bad pump, cause there is junk all in my trunk (not really-just the gas tank, but it rhymed and I couldn't help myself).
So you see, I've had a bad week and I really need to "tell" Daddy about it, because as always he can't really do anything about it...HE JUSTS NEEDS TO KNOW!

Thank you,

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