Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Champion of Fashion

As they say, behind every good man there is a great woman. In Jimmie Johnson's case he's got one impeccably dressed woman. If you don't know who Jimmie Johnson is, he is the now five time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series winner. His wife Chandra is my fashion icon!

I don't usually write about NASCAR, as I work in this industry and like to keep my business (my job) and pleasure (blogging) separate, but in this case, fashion is also my pleasure and well, Chandra deserves just enough credit for dressing as her husband does for driving.

Let me give you a recap of Jimmie's Championship in pictures of Chandra's stunning dresses/ensembles.

First Championship down in the record books.....2006

Simply stunning with some edge. Can you say, someone knows how to accessorize? It all looks effortless, her hair, her makeup, the dress, the baubles. It is so much better than some of the other wives and girlfriends that look like they stepped off the Vegas show girls stage.

One is good, but two is twice as nice .....2007

Maybe it's the preppy in me, but show me plaid and you'll make me gasp with happiness. Chandra Johnson became my fashion icon with her 2007 ensemble. Again how effortless does she look, a plaid skirt, a white button down, and BAM...who's her husband....sorry I can't stop staring at her skirt. This is my favorite dress to date. Joan Rivers call me, lets do red carpet fashion talk about the NASCAR banquet. I have a crush on Chandra's closet...just sayin'.

Three times a Lady.....2008

Her husband can't be stopped on the race track, but damn it, his wife can't be beat on the red carpet. She just keeps getting it right time and time again. I won't lie, there are some starlets you see on red carpets that you hope just get it wrong just once, not Chandra, she's one of the women that you just can't wait to see what she's wearing. There is never a doubt that it is going to be spectacular. When you got it, you got it. The girls got style. Even though I am not a huge fan of pink, she actually makes me kind of like it.

Four and back for more.....2009

When NASCAR goes to Vegas, you expect tons of gaudy sequins and prom style hair (okay, I did see a few), but then here comes Chandra Johnson. Looking like a Grecian goddess in a a one shoulder dress. You can't see the detailing from this picture, but that's a zipper down the side. Holy hell, edgy and fabulous! When in Vegas always put your chips down for Chandra, the odds are always great that she will be the centerpiece of fashion desire.

FIVE, REALLY, FIVE in a row.....2010?!?

When Jimmie clinched the Championship, all I could think about was, oooo weeeeee what is she going to wear!!! I can't wait until next Friday night! It's going to be great I just know it. Everyone keeps saying how great Jimmie is, there is no denying him that, but you know how the Smithsonian has the First Lady's Inaugural ball dresses, The NASCAR Hall of Fame, needs a First Lady of NASCAR exhibit...seriously I would pay double the ticket price to look at these dresses. Chandra Johnson is to NASCAR as Jackie O' was to America, undeniable style, class, and grace.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleeping Chatty Cathy

"Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball!"

Does that sentence make sense? It may if you are watching a baseball game, or in a discussion about baseball, but if you wake up saying that, it doesn't make much sense.

That was my Tuesday night! I am a repeat (and apparently funny) repeat offender at being chatty in my sleep. It's more loud statements that eventually wake me up. I will share some of the better ones.....

"Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball"

I am told, that I wake up saying the above statement. When my boyfriend, not really understanding what I just said, asks, "What?". I repeat it, "Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball". Mike still not really understanding what I said asks again, "What?" I repeat it again. I apparently said "Now I see why everyone is starting to play baseball" 4 times.

I vaguely remember any of this. All I know is what he told me when I finally came to from all the "baseball" talk. I have no clue what I was dreaming!

"Snakes in the house"

While visiting my sister and brother in-law down in Georgia. They had shown me the GON (Georgia Outdoor News) magazine, in which there was a story and picture of a 6 ft rattlesnake some guy had seen. Also that weekend, I had come upon a tiny baby snake in the garage, in which was a all out search and kill mission of me and my BIL.

During the night, I sit straight up in the bed, try to push the covers off and get out of the bed at the same time, say "Nuh uh, no snakes in the house". Of course this wakes Mike up, and it takes him a few seconds to get me to come to.

"Where is he?"

This time I starting saying out loud, "Where is he, where did he go?" several times. Mike gets me to come to, and he asked, who is he, being awake, but still groggy, and straight faced said, "The flying squirrel." I had been dreaming about a squirrel and couldn't find him.

"What? What? What?" (this one is slightly embarrassing)

I not only did I wake up Mike, but also woke myself up with a toot (the nice was of saying fart). I sit up and starting asking, "What? What? What?" as I had woken up in a panic. I had no clue that I tooted, but apparently it was forceful enough to wake us both up, and then me question what the hell just happened.

I did a little sleep talk research....

What is sleep talking?

Sleep talking, or somniloquy, is the act of speaking during sleep. It's a type of parasomnia -- an abnormal behavior that takes place during sleep. It's a very common occurrence and is not usually considered a medical problem.

The nighttime chatter may be harmless, or it could be graphic, even R rated. Sometimes, listeners find the content offensive or vulgar. Sleep talkers normally speak for no more than 30 seconds per episode, but some people sleep talk many times during a night.

The late-night diatribes may be exceptionally eloquent, or the words may be mumbled and hard to decipher. Sleep talking may involve simple sounds or long, involved speeches. Sleep talkers usually seem to be talking to themselves. But sometimes, they appear to carry on conversations with others. They may whisper, or they might shout. If you share a bedroom with someone who talks in his or her sleep, you might not be getting enough shut-eye.

Poor Mike...he "might not be getting enough shut-eye."

Here is the Dog version of me...

Monday, November 1, 2010


Today would've been my Daddy's 57th birthday. When you say the number out loud, it really slaps you in the face...that's young.

Instead of getting all sappy and sad about it. I will think of off the good memories we shared over his birthday. From the agonizing question of "What do we get Daddy for his birthday?" to spending hours on end in the card aisle looking for just the right card. I'm pretty sure after giving him his 50th birthday present, I got a speeding ticket in Perry, GA on the way back to Athens.

Well, to commemorate his birthday and celebrate his life, I decided to do something that I enjoy to do...BAKE. His favorite cake has always been coconut. I have never made one, or attempted to, but this year would be my first try at it. The end result looks great (see pic), but it took two tries at the 7 minute frosting.

7 Minute Frosting My Ass!! First try was a complete, lack luster fail. It never came out of the liquid state. The frosting went along with Halloween night as it was a trick, then a treat once try #2 was a success.

Making this was a team effort as Mike was on the phone and couldn't answer the doorbell ringing due to 'lil monsters, gobblins, and witches, so he would run in the kitchen grab the hand mixer out of my hand to keep it going (as you had to continuously beat for 7 min, ahem, 12 minutes). I would run to the door, with my best "Happy Halloween, No..I'm not dealing with frosting that is as temperamental as a Lindsay Lohan off coke" face on. Then give them handfuls of candy, then sprint back to the kitchen to take back over.

After attempt #2 was a success, my sister received a text message from me stating that "I made the 7 minute frosting MY BITCH".

After dusting it with coconut, I was quite proud. I just wished I would have tried to make this while he was alive, because I think this is a damn good cake....eating it tonight and raising my glass of whiskey (his favorite drink) to a good man's life. Miss him more than there are words in the dictionary.