Saturday, November 21, 2009


I once was a teenage girl, and after last night I loathe it. I went and watched the second part of the Twilight Saga last night. Of course, I knew what I was getting into, these books and movies are meant for the teenage group. It was packed full of tweens. They all gasp or laugh louder than needed (remember they have to be dramatic about EVERYTHING), they play with their phones that the light on their screens are lighting up the place, and oh wait for it….ANSWER THE PHONE DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE!!! (The teeny bopper in front of me answered her phone and said “I’m in a movie”. First off don’t all you kids know what texting is, and secondly….It’s rude for you to think that you are the most important person in the room, and COME on!!!

Here is the difference from when I was a teenager versus the teenagers of today. We didn’t have cell phones that had battery power long enoug to make it past unplugging it from the car charger to actually getting out of the car, cause we had Zack Morris phones! We didn’t know what Starbucks coffee was. We knew who Katie Holmes was before Tom Cruise. We were either “Team Pacey, or Team Dawson”. Most importantly, we knew our place in the world much better, and weren’t rude to other people older than us. I mean I am just baffled with the rudeness of all of these kids. They think they are more important than anything else. I just don’t get it.

All I know is I hate teenage girls and loathe that I once was one!!!

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