Friday, April 29, 2011

Same Year...TWICE!

Me: Born February 1982

Prince William of Wales: Born June 1982

Wedding of William and Catherine: April 2011

Our Wedding: June 2011

Okay now that you have the date/facts let me get to my point. In my baby book in the announcement of Prince William's birth. My mom decided to put it in there as something that was significant in my birth year. Which is now ironic...we are getting married in the same year.

Well I may have beat him into this world, which gave him the advantage of upstaging me in his dare he? Who does he think he is, Royalty? Oh yeah....He is. Oh well, I will let you have this one!!

Now that he beat me to the alter, I have the upper hand! I will upstage he and Catherine's wedding.....

Oh wait, I don't have a country paying for it. Nor crowned jewels passed down from Kings and Queens of yesteryear. I'm sure that about a square inch of lace on Catherine's dress cost the same as my entire dress.

Only I can say is....At least my "prince" isn't starting to look like Prince Charles....ZING! I win I win!!

So now I ponder...Do I save the newspaper articles to include in my wedding album? As much as I think it's corny, I think it will be a fun fact for my future kids one day to know, that their parents got married the same year as British Royalty.

But then again....they'll look at their picture and then ours and ask, "Mom, why aren't you as skinny as her on your wedding day." Me: "Because I didn't know how to say no to desserts!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Therapy

I find writing a form of therapy. It makes me feel good to get emotions out that I don't normally talk about. I don't talk about them because if I do I cry, then stop talking, because I can't cry and talk at the same time.

From the time I got engaged until just recently, I had removed the part of my brain that knew my dad isn't here. Now that that piece of my brain has decided to return, I can't stop crying. I was just mopping my floors and sobbing my eyes out...REALLY....REALLY! Make it stop!!

Here's the thing, every little girl imagines their wedding day. I never really had those images with guys I dated, but I did think of my wedding. The one thing I have always known in thinking about my wedding: My daddy would walk me down the aisle, and we'd dance at my reception. On January 25, 2009 that reality was shattered and it's only something I can live in my dreams.

I have been asked multiple times, and each time it stings, because I have to explain my reasons, "Who are you going to have walk you down the aisle?" Most people wonder if I will ask my brother-in-law (who is like a brother to me) or my uncle (my dad's only brother), whom I both love very much, to walk me down the aisle. I think highly of these two men, but there is one, and only one person that is supposed to walk me down the aisle to give me away. My Daddy can't be replaced, so neither should the job of walking with me to my soon to be husband.

I can't wait for the comments, he'll be with you, because I honestly will want to yell at them and pitch a hissy fit....NO HE ISN'T. Yes, I am bitter, because I miss him more today than I did the day before, and if you do the math, the "missing" feeling, just weighs more and more heavily on your heart to the point where you can't pick your heart up off the floor.

So on the happiest day of my life, it will also be one of the heaviest hearted days, as I am not sure if I could miss my daddy more, than at the one event that he is suppose to be at and holding my hand during.

I write in my blog so I don't have to pay a therapist...if you are reading this, consider yourself granted a phD in psychiatric I knight you with the mop I had to put down because I was crying so hard I couldn't see the dirt on the floor, if this is any indication of how hard I was's been a REALLY long time since I've mopped, and it's really hard NOT to see the dirt on the floor...