Monday, November 1, 2010


Today would've been my Daddy's 57th birthday. When you say the number out loud, it really slaps you in the face...that's young.

Instead of getting all sappy and sad about it. I will think of off the good memories we shared over his birthday. From the agonizing question of "What do we get Daddy for his birthday?" to spending hours on end in the card aisle looking for just the right card. I'm pretty sure after giving him his 50th birthday present, I got a speeding ticket in Perry, GA on the way back to Athens.

Well, to commemorate his birthday and celebrate his life, I decided to do something that I enjoy to do...BAKE. His favorite cake has always been coconut. I have never made one, or attempted to, but this year would be my first try at it. The end result looks great (see pic), but it took two tries at the 7 minute frosting.

7 Minute Frosting My Ass!! First try was a complete, lack luster fail. It never came out of the liquid state. The frosting went along with Halloween night as it was a trick, then a treat once try #2 was a success.

Making this was a team effort as Mike was on the phone and couldn't answer the doorbell ringing due to 'lil monsters, gobblins, and witches, so he would run in the kitchen grab the hand mixer out of my hand to keep it going (as you had to continuously beat for 7 min, ahem, 12 minutes). I would run to the door, with my best "Happy Halloween, No..I'm not dealing with frosting that is as temperamental as a Lindsay Lohan off coke" face on. Then give them handfuls of candy, then sprint back to the kitchen to take back over.

After attempt #2 was a success, my sister received a text message from me stating that "I made the 7 minute frosting MY BITCH".

After dusting it with coconut, I was quite proud. I just wished I would have tried to make this while he was alive, because I think this is a damn good cake....eating it tonight and raising my glass of whiskey (his favorite drink) to a good man's life. Miss him more than there are words in the dictionary.

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