Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wanting: Bad or Good thing?

Life is about wanting what you have, not having what you want, right? Well come on, we all have to want something more than what we have, otherwise we wouldn’t strive to work harder to get it. I know some people probably work harder at cheating to get what they want instead of putting time and effort it to achieving it.

Well here are my wants, some realistic, some frivolous, some practical, and some downright absurd (who really needs a $800 pair of Louboutins, but every girls dreams having a pair in her closet, and to be honest…do you store them sole up?)

My #1 2010 want:
1. A JOB (and with this I might be able to get some of the things below, and in no particular order)

My Retail wants for 2010 (some of these are a reoccurring thing…will most likely be on 2011 as well)
1. Louis Vuitton purse
2. Kuerig coffee maker (told myself when I get a new job it will get one as a gift to me…I will be getting up early again and need a coffee maker that requires little effort)
3. Kitchen Aid Mixer (most likely won’t get this until I get married…so who knows…will 2010 be the year?) I really want a mixer…see a prior post (A Mixer Proposal)
4. A new bed for my king size mattress and box springs (head board and foot board….foot board the most important…I don’t like for my comforter to slip off)
5. Really expensive pair of shoes
6. A new dryer…my current one puts black marks on my clothes…it’s also the same dryer that use to dry my clothes when I was still in kid sizes.
7. A pair of Uggs… I have the knock offs and starting to want the real thing…I think my best friend made me want them when she got them for Christmas.
8. I KNOW MOST OF MY 1-7’s won’t happen anytime soon…or EVER!!!

My 2010 projects
1. Build fire pit area in backyard
2. Re-Tile master bath shower
3. Train my dog…he’s five and I have been trying to do this for 5 years now…maybe a shock collar will be the magic trick!

My 2010 Politically correct wants
1. World Peace (this should now entitle me to receive some pageant crown…correct?)

What do you want this year?

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