Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be Professional Please

So here is my current issue with people! Professionalism!!

This is an incident that really set me off, and gasp at the same time:

Setting: The Wynn/Las Vegas/NASCAR Awards week

Issue: someone of (not mentioned agency) for (Championship) sponsor, was walking around on the casino floor with a nice dress on, BUT NO SHOES!!!

Here is the conversation I want to have with this not mentioned person: Honey, Honey, Honey, pull your shit together!! I don't give a damn how bad the shoes hurt your feet! Put them back on and suck it up. Fashion is pain! When you are attending a company event, you don't take your shoes off! Slap on some band aids and keep on trucking! There are NO exceptions to wearing shoes! Shoes...NOT OPTIONAL...MANDATORY!

There are a few other tidbits I want to share with others on professionalism in my opinion.

1. Travel attire. If you are traveling on the company dime, please wear something pulled together. I am not telling you to wear a suit, keep it in line with normal office attire. Sweatshirt, jeans and flip flops is not acceptable!! You don't know who you will come across, for God's sake take pride in yourself and the company you represent.

2. Pictures on Facebook of playing at work. Seriously, I can't believe I even have to mention this, but yes, I have come across this. For goodness sake, don't take a picture of you goofing off and playing around at the track. Being at the track is work!! Put on your big girl pants and stop taking posey pose (STUPID) High school pictures of yourself.

These things bother me mainly because I don't have a job and unprofessional people have them. I know how to handle myself at, away, and traveling for work. I don't see why others don't get this!!!

Okay...that was my soap box for today!!

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CAC muffin said...

hahah i love when i know who you are talking about