Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dachshunds and Wheelchairs

Today in the office, we some how got on the topic of houses. I mentioned that when I was house shopping, I was very interested in a ranch home (which I ended up purchasing). One reason I did this, is because of my dog. I have a Dachshund named Gus. He will be six this November. Ever since I got him, the veterinarian has been clear that I must keep him at a good weight. I have also heard that it isn't good for them to jump off higher places or climb stairs (enter the reasoning for wanting a ranch). It's so hard to keep my little guy from jumping off steps or ledges, etc, but I can keep him from having to climb stairs on a daily basis.

Dachshund's tend to have a lot of back trouble as they get older, and need very expensive surgery (need to start saving now). They may have to be in a wheelchair post op also. I watched these videos a while ago, and wanted to share. If you have a wiener dog, you may tear up, because it's really sad, but it's also kind of cute and funny, as some of these dogs don't know it's even back there. We should learn from this....don't let bad experiences keep you down, just roll with the punches!

So if you have a doxie, try to keep them lean and safe!

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