Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ugly Betty brings on Goodbyes

I thought it was great. I couldn't have pictured a better ending. I like the somewhat assumption that Daniel and Betty end up together.

I did feel that when Betty said good bye to her family it might get sappy. It did for me, as she was going down the line of family members, I started picturing her dad on the end, and I started sobbing. Of course, her dad was the last person she said good bye too. Memories came flooding back to my mind of my last day of living in South Georgia and in the only home I have ever known and moved 6 hours away. I remember saying goodbye to my dad, I remember knowing I could never tell him everything I wanted to say, so I left a letter laying on his pillow for him to find later, and I remember the tears.

I hate good byes, I really wish I never had to say goodbye to my dad on that day or on the day he died. It's really until we meet again.

Okay, whoa....I didn't think that talking about a TV show would bring about such emotions. See that's the funny thing about TV. It's meaningless shows, but they stir about personal emotions and relate able experiences.

Oh well, farewell "Ugly Betty", your craziness, fashion, eccentric story lines will be missed.

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