Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions

These are bars that we set really high for ourselves and then in a month or two forget about it. I would like to make not so much resolutions, but try to take actions to do things better, be a nicer person, not stress as much, etc. Here are the things I would really like to do:

After the last year (my Father died unexpectedly in January, and I lost my job in early March) Let's just say that 2009 goes down as a year I want to forget. I spent most of 2009 crying and carrying a handkerchief with me wherever I go. So first thing on the list to do for 2010: STOP F'ING CRYING ALL THE TIME.

I love receiving mail. I don't know why, I love going to the mailbox and I get really disappointed to not have anything in there (even bills, which sounds crazy because no one like bills). So I want to share that excitement this year, I have made a list already with 52 slots for names, one for each week of the year (this year trying to accomplish at least one a week...if I do well, I will step it up in 2011). So second thing on the list to do for 2010: SEND HAPPINESS VIA USPS TO 52 DIFFERENT AND DESERVING PEOPLE.

During the holiday season I feel like I became a much nicer person, I would let people in line go in front of me if I hadn't made a decision, I would hold doors for people, I asked people if they needed help, I said Merry Christmas to several strangers, I let a car having a hard time turning go while I waited. So third thing on the list to do for 2010: BE NICE TO COMPLETE STRANGERS ALL THE TIME...NOT JUST THE HOLIDAYS.

I have realized through this blog that I love writing, and I don't think that I write enough. I want to make my self write at least once if not twice a week on here. (Share my website with whoever you life is crazy and sometimes my words are blunt...enjoy) So fourth on the list to do for 2010: BLOG MORE OFTEN

Well I think that's enough, I think if I overload myself with things then I will start slacking off. So the KISS method it is (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Hopefully everyone will pick a few things to do better and do for others in 2010. I think 2010 should be the year for doing for others!

To some of my friends, yes this is really me, the pessimistic, "I hate the world", go suck on an egg, bitter, ME! Just trying to be better to others!

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