Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday to Remember

So I returned from my long red eye back from Vegas at about 8 am. Well due to the snow storm that hit the Carolinas while I was away, Charlotte and surrounding areas were white!

When I got to my car at Long Term 2 Parking, it was covered with ice and snow. I had to scrape, and then scrape some more. After all that, the roads were manageable...Thank you City of Charlotte.

When I finally get home...NOT a thank you to the city of Huntersville, as they did not salt the road and cul de sac of the main road that goes to my house.

Attempt #1. I drive to my house like I normally do. But don't make it up the hill as my car starts sliding backwards

Attempt #2. I back down the hill and get my tires dry, and then gun it and aim up the hill and into my drive way. SUCCESS!!! I made it into my driveway. I park and pull the emergency brake, sit in the car for a bit, and well, all seems well, its not moving.

I go into my house with my bags and unpack, change out of my clothes that I have on since I left Vegas. Let my dog out and feed him. Just normal stuff I do around the house in the mornings. As I walk past my large front window and look out, I DON'T SEE MY CAR!!!! Well I could see it when it WAS PARKED IN MY DRIVEWAY!!!! I grab the first shoes I could find (bedroom shoes) and run out the door with my keys. I see two neighbor girls that were at home because school was closed, they were coming over to tell me that they saw my car rolling down the hill. I looked at the little girl horrified and asked, "Did it hit anything?" She said no that it just stopped in the middle of the road.


About 5 hours later when the sun had been out for awhile and melted the snow of the road, I was able to drive it back up the hill, this time to park in on the culdesac behind my boyfriends "extra" car (it's a POS). This time I think it's not going anywhere, at least if it rolls it will hit his car and not go anywhere.

After about 30 minutes I look out the window to see how it's doing, oh What the's touching his car! It slid yet again.

What fun? After that I spent the rest of the day de-icing my driveway with a shovel and water, and I was finally able to get the car up the driveway and into the garage.

What a birthday!!

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