Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spanx you very much

Is it love?Is it hate? Or is it indifference? That is the question(s). I tried on a dress this morning, albeit the only article that still remains from high school (If I find a picture of me in it from HS later, I will post). It still fits, but just a little snug in the hips (which is surprising, because I actually have narrow man hips). So my light bulb goes off.....SPANX... yep that'll do the trick. They worked, but before I left for work, I needed to go to the bathroom, which requires you to pretty much undress every time you go to the bathroom (because they need to be pulled all the way up to the bra line). After the extremely time consuming potty run before heading out the door, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror as I had pulled the Spanx up. They were just over my hips. I will say, that had to be to the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. It was like everything starting above my knees was being jacked up my body and pooled right at my mid section. Holy Hell!!! Spanx should now come with a warning....DO NOT...I REPEAT, DO NOT look at your self in the mirror while trying to put your rear into them. It may cause heart failure, or extreme dieting. Side note: I will not be drinking my 64 oz. of water today, because I can't handle getting a full body work out, nor having to undress every time I need to go to the bathroom. Spanx, I love you because you helped me wear a 10 year old dress (not a dress for a 10 yr old, but a dress that I bought 10 years ago) Spanx, I hate you because I saw what I looked like putting them on Spanx, I am indifferent towards you because you did keep me motivated on my quest to shed a few unwanted lbs. Peace, Love, and SUCK IT IN!! (See even skinny Celebs are Spanxing- So I don't feel so fat)

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