Monday, August 9, 2010

Beware of standing water

I am not going to lie, I get enjoyment when I hear of others peeing in their pants from laughing. I have been reading Chelsea Handler's new book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and in the parts where she talks about having to hold herself while walking to the pier for "Dudley's" fake funeral, it really makes me nearly pee my pants. This reminds me of last summer's beach trip with my boyfriends friends, when I peed my pants while playing putt putt. And as Paul Harvey says...."The rest of the story"... After devouring the all you can eat seafood buffet, we hit Mutiny Bay to play a little putt putt. After one round, decide what the heck, lets do the other course. This course was an obstacle course, you spin the wheel and it tells you funny stuff to do. After we had been at it awhile, I get to one that tells me I have 10 seconds from the time I hit the ball to get it in the hole. I mean business....I take off my flip flops as I don't want that to hinder my quest. I whack the ball and start running to see where it doesn't stop...I hit it so hard that it bounces off the designated "green" and hits the sidewalk and heads for the fence. It rolls past the chain link fence, which wouldn't have been so bad had it not been straight off a 20 ft wall and falls into the parking lot. I start laughing, and I hear Beth laughing and say I am going to pee. That's all it took. I am laughing so hard and dancing around and there it goes...I start peeing and the laughing won't let me stop...the shut off valve didn't there I am a 27 year old with a big wet spot on my bright blue shorts and under me a puddle.... Did I tell you this is my first beach trip with these folks...I am quite embarrassed as I have to finish the putt putt course with pee pants. I am now 28 and still pee in my pants a little if I laugh to hard....I think its genetics. I really do appreciate hearing that other people have weak bladders when laughter is for that, Chelsea Handler...I am thankful for your stories and ability to pee in your pants when something funny happens. See photo to the left....that's from the putt putt place of incident...can you see why I peed in my pants...laughing, plus waterfall....

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