Friday, June 4, 2010

There is only one Vegas

So peeps...we need to have a talk. I need to get a pet peeve off my sleeve. Once upon a time, a really drunk, fun person that loved to gamble decided to build a place called Las Vegas...there is no other place like it, despite others' efforts. There will never be another place like it, and most certainly every town across America, will not ever be Las Vegas. (Okay not sure how Vegas was started, but I like my theory...and hats off to the person that created Vegas, because I am pretty sure without it, my favorite game, Craps, would not Cheers!! See you again soon, I promise!) Back to my point, I get really tired, annoyed, and kind of like "Dude/Dudette you aren't as cool as you think you are" when people take the first letter of their city of choice (whether it be where they grew up, went to college, live now, or just might be going to for a weekend) and attach "Vegas" to the end of it. Oh, you know these people, and the facebook era has increased this usage, because of status updates people ACTUALLY think we care what they are doing, and think they should up their cool factor (which they aren't) by throwing in, "Heading to G'Vegas this weekend" or "Don't you wish you were here in Val'Vegas". (okay I know the last one is more than the first letter, but this is for Valdosta, Ga, I've heard this one alot, and have held my tongue this long) Hey Dip you have gambling, do you serve drinks while I roll dice, are your bars/clubs/restaurants open 24 hrs a day, can you buy a Louis Vuitton and a hooker on the same city block, do you have caged lions, do you have a water fountain show (and no I don't mean the token city drunk peeing in the town square fountain), do you have BETTE MIDLER...since you can't say yes to any of the questions, please NEVER SAY (insert letter here)'VEGAS ever again! Please and Thank you!

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