Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Best Of- Athens, GA

So I took a trip down memory lane. My sister was in Athens, Ga (Home of The University of Georgia-My Alma Mater) for a conference, so I decided to come down from Charlotte and stay for two days. So I wanted to share some of my favorite (the best) things about Athens, Ga!

After getting into town, after our campus hike, we went to get food. We both wanted to go to none other than Little Italy (125 N Lumpkin St. Athens, GA). They have the best subs in Athens. I always get the #7-Turkey and Cheese, all the way, for only a mere $5.75, which Rachel and I split-because one sub can feed a small country!

For lunch the following day, my sister skipped her boxed conference lunch to meet me at one of my favorite lunch spots... Transmetropolitan (or what I refer to as only Transmet)(145 E Clayton St, Athens, GA). I have my usual, the tomato and mozzerella sandwich (it comes on foccacia bread with a side of sauteed potatos). Lunch made me take a trip down memory lane, as I remembered my lunch's with my good friend DJ Johnny D ("My gay friend that's not gay"-I really did use to call him that) once a week during the summer of 2003...oh the good talks we had at that restaurant!!

Everyone knows I have a oversized sweet tooth (always have), so I stopped in to my favorite cookie joint...Cookies and Co. Cafe (198 College Ave, Athens, Ga). They have the best cookies that they call cinnamon toast! They really can make the world a little brighter!

Sanford Stadium....some call it home, some call it heaven, some call it a DAMN GOOD TIME! Between the hedges I had some great times, made some great memories, and some times I was so drunk I just don't remember!! I have snuck in flasks stuck in my bra into here (my bust size shrunk as the game went on), I have kicked off my ridiculous heels (just because Ga. girls have to look fab at a game) in here, I have cried in here, I have screamed so much I didn't have a voice anymore in here, I have gotten September sunburns in here, I have stood for 4 hours straight in here, but most of all... I learned to bark in here!!!

Right across from Sanford Stadium is the Tate Student Center, and every year the class gift is a plaque that is on brick wall, with all the graduates' names. I haven't in the little over 4 years since graduation been back to see it, so I found my name!!
Downtown Athens' streets are lined with bars. A bar for every mood you might ever have, but none feel like home like Jr's Baitshack (142 N Jackson St,Athens, GA)does. My stretch out my years at UGA so that I would have one more football season (okay, it's technically called fall semester...but in the REAL World, it's called a football season). I only had nine hours (3 classes), and they were super easy, therefore I spent more time in Jr's Baitshack than I did class! I even hung out here when Hurricane Ivan went through Athens, seriously my friend Kim I took a detour, because there was a tree down in the middle of a road. Luckily class was closed the next day, because the word "hungover" didn't even describe the feeling. Jr's was just a home, the bartenders/owners knew my favorite drink, knew my favorite song (all I had to do was say...play MY song, and moments later...Faded by Soul Decision was blasting from the speakers), I met friends here that I will cherish forever. It was my home my senior year of college!!

I finished off my trip by seeing one of my old friends...who happened to mentioned earlier...JOHNNY D!!! Yay! He was in town to DJ at The Loft in Downtown Athens for Cinco De Mayo. We happened to be in Athens at the same time. It was exciting on catching up on life with him. For those that don't know him, you can catch him on 95.5 The Beat in Atlanta, and several places all over the ATL!! http://955thebeat.com/inside/johnnyd_bio.html He's the best!!

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