Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Apparently it isn't about Mexican Independence, it's just a day to celebrate Heritage and Pride. Mexico's Independence day is actually September 16th. Hmmm...Can America get a day to celebrate Heritage and Pride(or just get drunk)? We celebrate our Independence July 4th, so I think we should get two days to celebrate being American.

What I dislike about Mexico

I HATE, LOATHE Mexican food. I only went to the Mexican Restaurant on Thursday nights in college for the $2 pitcher's! Seriously I don't like it. I know everyone thinks I am a freak, and I don't understand why I catch hell for not liking Mexican food!
Right now, I am seriously not liking the swine flu. Not that it is doing anything to me, but I feel like we are missing out on other important news due to the over broadcasting about the Pig flu. Which should be appropriately named the "Mexican flu" instead of swine flu, because there are some dumb Americans (i.e. Paris Hilton) that think pigs are spreading this. No dumb asses...pigs don't spread it, PEOPLE do. It's originating in Mexico so it should be named for that, not the innocent little piglets that are taking a bad rap!
A little serial killer name Tequila. I had the worse days of my life after shooting a bottle of this "shit for liquid" in college. To this day, I can catch a sniff and start gagging. Literally this shit will kill ya!!!

What I like about Mexico

They created a beer called CORONA..whoop whoop. If it wasn't created in Mexico, please don't tell me....let me believe that it is!
What I feel may be the best part of Mexico is the Beaches! No doubt! I visited Cozumel on my Senior cruise. I am pretty sure that the beer was cheap and the water nasty, so I stuck with drinking things that came pre-packaged...such as corona!!!

Well if you like Mexican food...eat up today in honor of Mexico. If not, go eat sushi tonight like me!
But everyone loves to drink (if not, you are a wiener)...so drink Margarita's (if you can stomach the smell of tequila) or Corona!

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