Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day- Not necessarily a good day

I have a wonderful Grandmother who I call MeMe. She is my father's mother. This mother's day, I will think about her more than my own mother, only because she will be experiencing her first Mother's Day without one of her children. I am not a Mother, but I have heard one of the hardest things in life is a mother losing a child. At 55 years of age, my Daddy was still his Mama's baby. She cooked lunch almost everyday for my dad and his brother. She has always taken care of her "babies" I know she misses my dad very much, and I know that this Sunday her heart will be breaking.

So this Mother's day, everyone please say an extra prayer for the mother's out there that have lost their children, and also for the children that have lost their mother's. Everyone out their is so quick to say happy mother's day to everyone that is a mother, but I ask people to be respectful of the other circumstances that are out there, don't just focus on yourself. This day may be a joy in some people's eyes, but in an equal number of eyes, this day is a sad and depressing day.

Fair warning- I may be prone to cry uncontrollably, bitch slap someone, or get drunk off my rear when father's day comes around!

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