Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day in the Life- Crazy Ass Dachshund

I thought I would share some videos of my dog Gus, a (not-so-miniature) Miniature Dachshund. All these videos were made today...he was a busy little weenie!!

These are some of the crazy things he does. If you have a doxie, then you most likely can relate to these crazy creatures. As seen in the video directly below he loves to roll around on his back on carpet (only on carpet-doesn't do this is an all wood floored house). He rubs his nose on the carpet and grunts and scoots around pretty much on his head. Crazy...but I still love him.

Next I took my dog on a walk to Jetton Park. He loves going to the park. When we pull into the entrace he starts barking and dancing in the front seat of my car. I decided to video Gus walking, or what I call mushing! I am pretty sure that a team of Doxie's could pull a sled (just not in snow- HATES being cold)

Next I took him to a different park to swim, Ramsey Creek Park. This park is really special to me. This is where Gus' Pop Pop (my father) took him on his first jet ski ride. The last time my father ever came to visit me. We spent the afternoon riding the jet ski (and taking Gus for a ride). Actually here is a video of Gus at the lake last summer when my dad was here to visit! I just watched it, and it actually brought a tears to my eye to here my dad's voice again, oh how I miss him. To the left is Gus on the jetski. He loved it!! So I took Gus to go for a swim today, and for me to get some sun. Gus is so funny about water...he loves to bite at the waves, which leads to him drinking lots and lots of water, and having to go to potty a lot after one of these trips. This time we wanted to get the water when it stopped, which meant digging in the dirt at the bank. I have one crazy crazy pup!! Enjoy

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CAC muffin said...

you and gus are sending too much time together haha but i love you both anyway :)