Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California

Okay...I've had enough. I really dislike Perez Hilton now. I don't understand how Perez Hilton can have his opinion that Gays should be able to get married, but Miss California can't have her opinion that they shouldn't be able to. Perez posted a new video of Bill O'Reilly interviewing a Gay author about this matter.

I want to call Perez Hilton out on his bullshit, he shoved Obama, Obama, Obama down his readers throats during the election, but Obama also said during a campaign question that he believes marriage should be between a man and woman (the same thing that Miss California said), but he kept throwing around his vote for Obama. Why can the president believe something different than him, but not Miss USA? Obviously Miss California isn't the only person to believe this. The majority of the voting public of California believe this as shows the Prop 8 votes outcome.

I don't care what people believe in on this matter, I just don't like how someone is getting punished for what they believe. I don't think what her answer was bothered me as much as the fact that she said "I think I believe", it reminded me of Miss South Carolina and "The Iraq" all over again.

If Gay people believe that they should be allowed marriage, why can't someone else believe differently. This country is about freedom of speech and opinion. Difference of opinion is what makes the world go round, get over your fat ass self Perez Hilton, you aren't the BE All!

Leave Miss California alone, she was entitled to her opinion and answer, she gave the answer that was her own. I am glad she doesn't ride the fence so she can get everyone to love her. Stand for what you believe in, the gay community stands for what they believe in and you are applauded for that, but don't be hypocritical and tell someone else they can't believe something different.

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