Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Toddlers, Tiaras, and Frumpy Moms

This might be the most disturbing show on TV. I mean I saw a mother spray tan her 6 yr old!! WTF! I have discovered through watching this show that pageant moms are nuts in the head and more times than not, overweight. I have decided that pageant moms lead a life where they were never the center of attention, except when it came to discussing obesity, so now they have tiny little daughters and they want them to be the center of attention and the belle of the ball.
Here is what I don't understand, some of these people live in mobile homes, but yet are buying $800 dresses for their 6 yr old to where in a pageant. Are the seeing this as an investment, because reality check sweetheart, your kid is 6, she most likely will end up looking like her mother and won't be winning pageants when she is 23, so you need to start saving for college instead of spending $800 on retardedly over beaded, fluffs of pink and purple dresses.
Next thing I don't get is how these mothers can be so frumpy and out of touch with reality when it comes to their own appearance! They spend so much time teasing and strategically placing makeup on their daughters that they forget to look in the mirror...see below for example...why in the world would this pageant diva take a picture with her mom with a mullet. Come on girl, tell you mom to look in the mirror.
Pageant moms need psychiatric help. They really do. Stop worrying about what your young child looks like and loose a few pounds. Seriously!

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