Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to get something you want

Back on January 5, 2010 I wrote about things I wanted. Since I saved for one of them and just purchased it, I decided to check in on the list to see how I've come along...I'll check the list....

My #1 2010 want:1. A JOB (and with this I might be able to get some of the things below, and in
no particular order) CHECK

My Retail wants for 2010 (some of these are a reoccurring thing…will most likely be on 2011 as well)
1. Louis Vuitton purse CHECK-this is the reason for checking the list...so DOUBLE CHECK :)
2. Kuerig coffee maker (told myself when I get a new job it will get one as a gift to me…I will be getting up early again and need a coffee maker that requires little effort) CHECK-wedding gift
3. Kitchen Aid Mixer (most likely won’t get this until I get married…so who knows…will 2010 be the year?) I really want a mixer…see a prior post (A Mixer Proposal) CHECK-wedding gift
4. A new bed for my king size mattress and box springs (head board and foot board….foot board the most important…I don’t like for my comforter to slip off) - CHECK5. Really expensive pair of shoes - NOPE (I guess I need to set the terms on really expensive)
6. A new dryer…my current one puts black marks on my clothes…it’s also the same dryer that use to dry my clothes when I was still in kid sizes. CHECK...I had to it stopped drying...it was 25 years old!
7. A pair of Uggs… I have the knock offs and starting to want the real thing…I think my best friend made me want them when she got them for Christmas.

All in all, I think I've done pretty good on my lists. I think my #1 want for 2010 had something to do with accomplishing the others.

Some people may say buying a Louis Vuitton is frivolous. Well to some it may be, but here is my rationale. Some people spend more on electronics in a year that will be out of date the next year, something newer has come along. In 10 years those electronics will be dinosaurs and will have lost their value. While a LV on the other hand doesn't lose value (actually goes up after you leave the store...don't believe me, go to a consignment store and try to buy one from 1980). They don't change their classic styles and if I have a daughter this can be passed down from generation to generation.

I didn't get go out and put it on my credit card and try to pay it off over time. I saved for it. I started an esavings account. It doesn't get a great interest return, but it wasn't about growing the money, it was about putting it aside and not touching it until I had built up enough to purchase my Louis. Plus you can start it out with only a $1 if you want, because again it's about putting whatever you can aside until you have it. I did it. It's pretty rewarding to know that I put it aside and finally purchased a splurge that I've wanted for about 10 years now.

Here is my new pride and joy...

Some things are worth waiting for and some things are worth saving for. If you want something SAVE FOR IT!!

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