Thursday, October 27, 2011


Have you discovered Pinterest?!?

If not here is where you go to get a new addiction. And when I say addiction, I am not using it loosely. I mean ADDICTION!

Here's my logic. When smokers need a smoke they get a smoke break. Well I don't smoke, but sometimes I need a mental break...just 5-10 minutes (the equivalent of one cigarette...right?)

At least my addiction isn't bad for my health. Might be bad for my wallet. I found this pin with sequin skirt from Zara the other day on here, and went ahead and ordered it without hesitation. Honestly...I had just seen it on a blog I read (What I wore) about daytime sequins. So I jumped at it. Wonder what my co-workers will think if I wear this skirt to work?!?

I also pick up lots of cute animal pictures...for example....a bulldog trying to swim....

Well Pinterest just now became a hazard to my dogs...I so want to see if Tank makes this face in the water....

Happy Pinning!

P.S. Let me know when you stop laughing at the bulldog photo! The first time I ever saw it I laughed until I cried, then I looked at it again after crying and literally slapped my knee laughing. Then someone came into my office thinking I fell off my rocker....

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