Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being a Bully is a good thing

Our family has one dog. We now are playing man to man defense when it comes to dogs and humans. Poor Gus has two (humans) on one before and didn't have a shot at hell in getting away with anything.

We adopted an three year old English Bulldog not quite two weeks ago. He is a blessing. Such a sweet face and we feel honored to be able to give him a home that is full of love.

(Tank on the way to the vet-which was a good report)

Gus is getting adjusted to having a new brother. The first evening of Tank being in the house he jumped up in the only furniture that dogs are allowed on, a slip covered over sized chair I've had since college. Gus looks confused as in "Now where the heck am I going to fit up there?"

Dogs make life interesting and definitely not lack excitement!

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