Thursday, October 27, 2011

30 is a creepin'

At a friends 29th birthday party last night, it got me to thinking...I don't have much time left for the Big 3-0! So I have to get back on track with my plan.

The plan I started this summer was simple...Enter my 30's the same size I entered my 20's. HAHAHA! It's almost laughable, but I don't believe unattainable.

You would have thought my wedding would have been motivation, nope. I was to busy to care. After I got my dress altered I just had to stay in it. I tried it on weekly to gauge if I needed to eat more or less. Yeah, I bet you never heard that before, a bride saying "eat more"! I focused more on defining that weight loss.

Now here comes the 30s! I don't have far to go, but it's still difficult to not eat a whole chocolate cake when I really want to. I been making head way. I would be OVER THE MOON if I got off 10lbs, but I really need to shed 5 lbs to be where I'd like to be. I'm not dieting, just watching what I eat and making good decisions. I also follow Eat This Not That on twitter. It's unbelievable helpful! Also this if very helpful and true:

What I'd really like to do is get back to my banging Jr year of college figure. HOW THE HECK DID I FIT INTO SIZE 2's!! Oh yeah, I was a college student and pretty much ate cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The really sucky part, my birthday is in February, so that means not much time post holidays, so I have to be on my best behavior during the holiday season.

The real hard part....I married a guy who could eat fast food morning, noon, and night and not put on a single ounce of fat! Oh and to boot....he DOESN'T work out. Most women are jealous of celebrities and their bodies, nope, I am jealous of my husband's metabolism.

Here is my motto moving forward. I really am trying to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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