Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shake it

So there was an Earthquake centered in VA and it was felt here in NC. It was more confusing than anything. I work in a race shop. My office is near the truck bay, so if they fire the truck up then my office kind of vibrates, but this time there was no sound. Afterwards all I wanted to do was sing one of my childhood favorite songs....

Then after that I started thinking about one of my favorite childhood movies.... Yes, my sister and I wore out the VHS. We had recorded it from TV onto a VHS, you know how you simultaneously have the TV on to the channel you want to record (at the time we only got NBC, CBS, and FOX as we didn't have a dish yet) and hit record on the VCR and not touch a damn thing unless the movie was longer than the VHS tape...oh the good 'ole days! You know if you watch something enough times on one of those it gets the squiggly lines on it. Yep we wore it out!

Who would have thought that a little 5.9 earthquake couple hundred miles away would let make me take a trip down memory lane...say about 1991.

I'll leave you with one last earthquake themed song that comes to mind, which takes me back to college and 2003. If you are wondering how this translates to earthquake skip to mark (3:54) for that part.... because God apparently said "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" at 1:53 PM yesterday!

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