Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Capable Cruiser

I am probably being a tad bit witchy (but with a B), but I am really kind of annoyed, so I blog when I get annoyed. So here it is:

Every year for our birthdays (My sister and Bestie 1/28 and me 2/1) celebrate our birthday by taking a trip together. This guarantees that for a long weekend every year, the three of us are together. We do this instead of exchanging birthday and Christmas idea. EVER! For my sister's 30th ('10) we did it up Vegas style (the previous year ('09) my Dad had is fatal accident while we were on this trip, so we needed to go big to get our mind off of that fact). This year (my bestie's 30th bday) we went to Atlanta because my bestie was prego with twins and couldn't travel. So for my 30th we are going big again (technically my bestie will still be 30, so it will be for our combined 30th). It's no secret I love to play why not mix gambling with the ocean, sun, and the Bahamas. So we decided to go on a cruise. I was doing some shopping around. Carnival had the dates, the location, and the length we were looking for. I started the online process for booking, because I wasn't 100% sure what info I would need from everyone. I didn't complete the booking when I first started because I need everyone's confirmation on dates. Before I finished booking online I got this email and a call from the guy below (the rest of the story will be after you read it) FUN FOR. ALL FOR FUN.

Plan Your Upcoming Vacation.

Hello KELLY,

It was a pleasure speaking with you about your upcoming Carnival Cruise vacation. As your Personal Vacation Planner, it will be my pleasure to guide you through the variety of on board activities, shore excursions and ports of call you have to look forward to on your cruise. I will also request your preferred dining time and ultimately reserve your cruise. I have made note of our recent conversation regarding your cruise interests and will have the information readily available when we speak.

Should you have any questions regarding your cruise prior to our scheduled appointment, I am available to you at (800) 819-3902 x85912. I check my messages regularly, 7 days a week, so please leave me a message and I will return your call promptly.

Thank You and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Eddy Mestre

Carnival Cruise Lines

Personal Vacation Planner

(800) 819-3902 x85912
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He asked me on the phone, after I told him that I needed everyone to confirm correct dates, "Do you want me to complete booking?" Dude! did you not just hear what I said. Ya ya ya....I said, sir, I am working, I don't have time to chat. Click....

After everyone confirmed dates, I booked online (last week).

This afternoon I got a call from Mr. Mr. above asking if I would like to complete my booking. I said, "I booked last week." He asked you didn't call me, did you lose my information. I wanted to say what was ticking across my brain, which would have been. You think the reason I didn't call you was only because I didn't have you #? I still have the #, and now so does the rest of the bloggishere. He seemed appalled that I booked my cruise through instead of him. I told him, "It's quicker and I like seeing what I am selecting, not someone telling me!" Click....

My message to carnival- if someone is booking online, don't you think it's because they'd rather do it themselves instead of talk to someone they can barely understand...just a thought. I am capable of finishing my cruise booking online. I am online literate.

305-599-2600 is the Number that showed up on caller ID....feel free to harass them...bc I feel like I got harassed...

You have my email address...EMAIL ME...DO NOT CALL !!!

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