Monday, August 8, 2011

Doggie Minication

Me and Gus-Waterfront Park- Beaufort, SC

Two weekends ago, I decided that I needed to take my dog to the beach for the weekend. I also wanted to squeeze in a visit with a college friend as well. So I chose a place close to her and close to the dog friend beach of Hunting Island State Park, SC.

Hunting Island State Park Beach

One thing I love is old towns. Old towns that are also old Southern sea towns, make them even better! We went to Beaufort, SC. It's quaint little town!

Gus loved the beach and the water front park. Mama (me) loved the water front coffee shop, ice cream parlor, and bar and grill that I had dinner.

Waterfront Park

What I didn't (and don't) Love is the amount of sand we brought back to North Carolina. I'm pretty sure that you could compete in a sand castle building competition in my jeep. The joys of taking a dog to a public beach....

Here are some photos to document our fun little minication!
Gus checking out the water below- DON'T JUMP!

Gus enjoying the waves

We come all this way and he chews on sticks....

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