Thursday, July 28, 2011


For a few days out of each month I find myself wanting to b!%(&# slap Eve for eating the frickin' apple. Women know what I am talking about. The problem is men don't understand it, get it and actually think it's something we can fix, stop, or change about ourselves.

The physical sides of PMS (the bloating and the breakouts) could be more tolerable if it weren't for the emotional. If I weren't emotional, I would cry or get angry about the little zit.

Something such a trying to leave the house to go to work shouldn't be an emotional roller coaster, but during those few days every month, it is. I will use a personal example to explain. As I was trying to gather my things (purse, work bag, lunch, coffee, and water bottle) and turn the alarm on and get out of the house in a timely manner, I somehow managed to spill my coffee. It really just splashed, but not just a tinkle of a splash, but a tsunami wave splash...on my clothes, on my purse, on the door, on the floor. Here comes the PMS part...First I yelled the f word so loudly people in the next neighborhood mostly likely hear it, second I wanted to throw the cup and punch a hole in the wall, then I wanted to sit down and cry because I would have to stop the alarm, clean up, try again, and be even more late for work.

Here is the thing guys, WE DON'T LIKE FEELING LIKE THIS!!! We would prefer to have to go to a theme park and get on an ACTUAL roller coaster vs. going through a roller coaster of emotions in less time than it takes an actual roller coaster to go from 0-60 mph.

These emotions are not manageable, they are erratic, sporadic, and are stirred by not a stick, but a sliver of a toothpick.
While wedding planning I had to start a new rule...NO WEDDING PLANNING WHILE PMS'ING. This rule was set for not just the safety of my own being, but the safety of others. One of the famous lines in an email to my sister and bff (for the reason that the rule was put in place) was because of issues with the save the dates, I tried to solve these issues during a time of PMS distress. I told them "All I want to do is eat a WHOLE chocolate cake and drive my car into a light pole." Women of the world unfortunately know what I am talking about.

We don't chose to have roller coasters of emotions, God made us this way. So before men get frustrated at women, they should honestly say a prayer to God. We didn't choose this life, Eve bit the apple and chose it for us...WHAT A BIOTCH!!!

To be honest: the example happened this morning, thus meaning I a PMS'ing and I really wanted to punch a hole in my computer because Blogger was being a PMS'ing B while trying to compose this blog.

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