Thursday, January 22, 2009

I like to find the irony...

Pomp and Circumstance....that's what coming into presidency is all about....or should it be a thing in the past.
When times are tough, you cut back. America has cut back: cut back spending, jobs, and so much more. Shouldn't the inauguration have been reduced. Couldn't it have been a swearing in and maybe a dinner...why were there 10 balls, why were their so many concerts, why did people have to pay out of the ass load to see the festivities....If Obama is about change, that should have been the first thing he should have changed.

The word was shoved up our noses, down our throats, and shouted in our ears throughout the election campaigns. Change, Change, Change...if that's your motto start with it.

While the new Prez and first lady were dancing the night away...millions of Americans were scanning,, and the newspaper classifieds because they somehow have to pay the rent, feed their families, and keep warm clothes on their backs. I don't want anyone to say that if it was McCain I would feel differently, I wouldn't...if that much hoopla and spending was put into it if he had been elected I would feel the same way.

And in the same regards, everyone that voted Obama in the white house, is saying that we should get behind our president and support him, no matter what. That is just hypocrisy, because why didn't they support Bush, why did the same people that are saying we should support Obama because he is our president, not support our former President. It's just appalling, that people are so narrow minded. How about about I support Obama, the way everyone that didn't like Bush supported him. That's what I am going to do!! I dare someone to find a leg to stand on to argue about it!

I am not going to support Obama until he proves that he deserves my support, and I would ask politely for anyone not to suggest otherwise!

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