Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fashion Smashion- It's Runway season

We all know what award season means...."First, I'd like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press, blah blah blah" Are you kididng me, no one watches it for the speeches....we watch it for the dresses, jewlry, shoes....FASHION!!

I don't have the street cred, nor the plastic surgery, that Joan and Melissa Rivers do, but here is my lists: Best, Worst, and the one that let me down.

BEST DRESSED (from like to obsessed)
#5- Anne Hathaway

Wearing Giorgio Armani Prive, she looked "stunning". It's old school glamour, my only issue was that her skin was almost see through. I am glad that she is taking care of her skin, but a "pre wedding (awards) glow" would be nice. The look gets a bit goth with someone so pale in something so dark. But kudos to her! Great Look

#4- Eva Mendes

Wearing Christian Dior, she looked tropical. I loved the color with the white. Most celebs choose diamonds, but white needs color. Her neck pops with the turquoise! Love Love Love the necklace. The jury is still out on the bow/ hanging thing on the front, but I am leaning more toward liking it.

#3- Rumer Willis

Wearing Reem Arca (Don't know who that is, but I am intrigued). She looked her age, and actually looked a bit more demi than bruce. She is definitely aging well and growing out of her "Potato Head" as Perez refers to her. Just all around great dress, the color, the cut, the way the fabric drapes and weaves....FABulous!! The belt addition is very Carrie Bradshaw...."We likey"

#2- Laura Linney

Wearing Elie Saab, most people don't pull off pale yellow, but she did it, and did it well. I love this dress, I can't wear yellow well, can you make it in a color for me!! The draping is spectacular, the beaded belt, wowza! It's really a great look...I wanted to put her in a three way tie for first. I do love this. At least she didn't get caught in the bathroom when she won her award!!

#1(two way tie)-Amy Adams

Wearing Oscar de la Renta, she looks absolutely amazing. Hey, you may say I am being partial to her since she's a red head, but no, the dress is breathtaking. And she knows....RED HEAD's wear green well....the green earrings are fab....They give the black color. She took the #1 spot because of the Hollywood Glam and very elegant look!!

#1(two way tie)- Maggie Gyllenhaal

Wearing Lanvin, Maggie looked her age, and took a risk, a risk that paid off. Sometimes you win when you gamble, other's didn't win that night in their fashion gambling game, but Maggie did. I love the shape, the shoulder, the print, the belt....the whole look just pulled together in a very fashion forward way. She took the #1 spot because of creativeness and not-so-typical look.

HATS off to Amy and Maggie!!

Worst Dressed (from bad to repulsive)
#5- Heidi Klum

Wearing Galanos, Heidi didn't pull it off. If she were 7 months pregnant, then this would have been okay, but she's not. This look wasn't completely terrible, but I did not accept this dress/shoes with open arms. Heidi is usually in the best dressed category, but you can't always be on top, sometimes you are simply "ouut"

#4- Megan Fox

Wearing Ralph Lauren, this just looked very 1999 prom. To much beading, to many random bangles, and to whorishly tight. She has a great figure, but it looked to "Girl's next door" instead of movie star. Come on, you could see Kendra wearing this dress!! And really, Angelina looks trashy with her tattoos also.

#3- Jenna Fischer

Wearing Zuhair Murad, looked a little beach wedding bridesmaid, than red carpet glam. The print was to much. I liked the dress, but not for a red carpet event. As I was discussing fashion gambling, she lost. Yes, props for taking a chance, but you can't always win...

#2- Jennifer Lopez

Wearing (what little there is) of Marchesa, JLo just wasn't up to par. Pre babies, she was able to rock a risque green Versace number, but post babies, she needed to cover up a little more. In some pictures you can see some lower back lumps hanging over the back of the dress. Not a good look. She would have looked so much better, had she covered up more. Have you never learned, pick one thing to show off, not both. Plunging to the belly button neckline and Absolutely no back (which went out of style in 2000), was way to much skin.

#1- Renee Zellweger

Wearing Carolina Herrera, went wrong, really wrong. The dress, the hair, I kind of thought I was looking at Courtney be completely honest. She looked a hot mess!! Nothing more than saying Hot mess and looking at the picture will do!!

Disappointed Me
Blake Lively

Gossip girl fashionista, looks a little high school musical prom whore. The dress was way to tight, and sat way low on the chest. I mean more power to you for wanting to show off your "new" assets, but it looked a little trampy. She should have pulled something from Serena Gossip Girl closet, it would have been classier and just right for the red carpet...Sorry S....XOXO...Gossip Girl
Hats off for those that got it right, and for those that didn't learn from your mistakes and try again at the next red carpet event...I think the SAG awards are coming up soon...

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