Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pink Sports Attire: Take it or Leave it

My Stance on the subject: LEAVE IT

LEAVE IT in the store, on the hanger, and for some other schmuck to buy.

Okay, so I know this sounds rash, but here's my logic. What sporting team has pink as a team color? I have yet to see one, except maybe some sorority's powder puff team, but that doesn't count.

I know that this trend was started by merchandiser's and marketing guru's that had the idea that to sell to women, we must make it pink. My thoughts on pink are as follows: flamingos, pepto bismol, benedryl, and Molly Ringwold. One is just a Floridian thing that makes trailers trashy, the other well, there is a catchy little jingle that makes you want to go to the bathroom, the other stops allergic reactions, and the last she was just a red head wearing the wrong color! Therefore, pink makes me think of trailers, throwing up, itchy, and fashion faux pas!

For those brilliant merchandisers and supposed marketing gurus....making a jersey pink isn't going to make someone appreciate sports, it's going to make the people standing around her at the stadium to think that her husband/boyfriend/or father bought her that (pink) jersey so that she would feel pretty and enjoy the game if she was dressed in team attire, and therefore knows nothing about what is taking place in front of her....might as well bring a nail file and polish...EXCUSE ME, why would someone automatically assume because you are female, that you would connect to the color pink!!

I know, I am hating on the color pink. I am strongly against pink in sports! Sports are about being strong, competitive, and kicking ass....

Maybe sports just make me want to drink beer, eat a hot dog, and burp and cuss!! Well and when it comes to Georgia Football....scream at the top of my lungs....GOOOOO DAWGS SIC EM, then bark like the DAWG that I am, all while not wearing a stitch of pink.....except if it rains and my red and white bleed together....otherwise, no PINK!!!

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