Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gymnasts-Keeping the Scrunchie alive since creation

In watching the Gymnastics I have realized that the scrunchie is not dead...

For those that do not know what a scrunchie is (which you must be a man, born post 1995, or just coming out from under a rock) here is an example:

What I don't understand is why a gymnast must wear a scrunchie, there are plenty acceptable forms of pulling ones hair back into a ponytail. A plain rubber band would suffice. I don't care how patriotic or girly this seems, it is unacceptable if you are older than 8 years old, okay maybe 10, but once you hit is out of the question, or only if you are going as Lisa Turtle or Jesse Spano for Halloween.

The picture above for example...what the hell is the scrunchie doing beside adding unnessecary bulk at the end of her braid. Like I said a normal pony tail holder would work perfectly fine in this situation. If you are that addicted to the scrunchie...why don't you just use the "normal" pony tail holders by scunci- I mean its name is nearly the same...and hell why not try their clear holders!! That way it's a mystical illusion as to what is holding the hair like that, just like it's a mystal illusion of how the hell one can fling themselves around a bar as good as a gymnast...see picture below:

The above picture is a great example, of how damn distracting a scrunchie is....I can't stop looking at it...So is the scrunchie needed to catapult the hair from the crown of the head so the pony tail is farther away, in the same manner as gymnast catapults themselves from the vault.

Did the USA Gymnastics team go and buy them in bulk so that they all can carry on team spirit with matching scrunchies.... Maybe if they had left the scrunchie out of their hair they may have won gold! (Don't think I am unsupportive of the USA women's team, because if I was, then I wouldn't have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to watch) I just wished as Americans, they would care a little more about their appearance...or really just be a little more minimal in the hair decor category!!

Also, apparently gymnastics has made the scrunchie so popular that they make holders for them...what a crock of shit...if one person has enough scrunchies to fill up the holder pictured below: they should be sent to tacky camp, or some refugee for socially retarded individuals!

I will finish with an article I found on the history of the scrunchie:

History of ... the Scrunchie : Bold 1980s hair accessory still makes millions in sales ( my note: because of gymnasts and three year olds)

You've all worn them girls- whether you admit it or not. They come in patriotic, polka dot, animal, teddybear, heart and tie-dyed prints to name a few. Then of course there's the cotton, beaded, silk, fur, crocheted, knit and suede options.They've been the objects of ridicule in fashion magazines posing the question: to scrunchie or not to scrunchie?That's right, it's the scrunchie: that infamous elastic, fabricated hair accessory. But who exactly was the mastermind behind this 1980s and early 90s craze?According to the U.S. Court of Appeals, a woman named Rommy Revson invented the 'scunci' or scrunchie, a "decorative ponytail holder for securely holding the hair of a user," and millions of dollars worth are sold each year. While no credible Web sites could be found while researching, according to Patent Storm (, it was created to "add a decorative fabric covering to the rubber band to further enhance the look of the person's hair." That way, according to the Web site, women are not seen wearing a simple rubber band, but "some nice colored fabric adorning their hair." Originally, scrunchies were used for the sole purpose of holding hair up, according to, but as time passed, people started using them as "pure decorative accessories."Junior Amanda Adams said she clearly remembers the scrunchie craze and admitted that as a kid she had a whole box full of them."It was the cool thing to match them with your outfits," Adams said, adding that many people wore them as bracelets."Put them on your wrist and walk around and see how cool you were with your scrunchies," she said in between laughs.Although the fad came and went, it is not forgotten.

Take the episode of "Sex and the City" where Carrie Bradshaw fights with her boyfriend, Jack Berger, over a book he wrote about a character wearing a scrunchie. Bradshaw is appalled and argues that no sophisticated New York woman would be caught dead in one. Of course, he broke up with her a few episodes later on a Post-It note, leaving fans wondering if the scrunchie was to blame.

Well in regards to miss Carrie Bradshaw...If it was to blame for the breakup then thank god, you don't want to be with a man who this a scrunchie is acceptable and not only would a sophisticated New York woman not be caught dead in a scrunchie.... A woman, anywhere, should not be caught dead or alive in one...and they aren't calling it the little girls USA gymnastics team...they are calling it the women's USA gymnastics put on your big girl panties and throw away the god forsaken srunchie!!

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